Looking for small flowers in wet and tangled grass

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A recent trip to a less populated area in the north of the country. A trip awaited for many years and which happened a few weeks ago, during the rainiest period of this year. Of course, I should have rescheduled but the purpose of the trip was a commemoration of a relative and we had to arrive on a certain day.

I say it was a long-awaited trip because the village where I arrived is the village where my wife was born and raised. A semi-abandoned village, located on top of a hill surrounded by forests and other hills, of course.

My wife told me about forests and wild places and I was looking forward to seeing them, going to the forest and picking mushrooms, walking through gardens and meadows, picking flowers and taking pictures.

Well, the almost uninterrupted rain during the three days I was there prevented my wishes from being fulfilled. I couldn't leave without even going to the orchard next to the house, so I faced the rain and went on a small expedition.


From time to time, a ray of sunshine lighted the wet, tangled grass, but most of the time the garden was dark, even though it was noon. The heavy clouds did not let the light reach me. That didn't stop me from looking in the wet grass. What I found? Small wild flowers that I tried to look at as closely as possible.




I tried to capture as much as possible of the fragile beauty of the small flowers hidden in the grass. It was quite unpleasant in the wet grass, very quickly I got wetter than the grass but I do not regret it.




I'm glad I took the picture of these flowers with me. Ephemeral, now they probably don't exist anymore.

This post was initially posted here but I think all my friends, wherever they are, should see it.


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