What Does Decentralization Mean To Me ?

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What you are about to read here is my personal thought over the three years I've been here. Not a googled info which you might expect. All my thoughts were and will always be shaped by the numerous data all stored here over the years and I've seen and tested. They all came back solid.

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Also, may I add too that this post is a response to @theycallmedan post on 👇

What Does Decentralization Mean To Me? Initiative

To me it means a lot.
.1. It mean a world or platform which belong to everybody. No boss to boss you around, you can't be silenced or muted for speaking out the truth. Everyone is welcomed and can contribute to the development of this as it's going on.

When I first join Steemit, many Dapps weren't here then, and some that we knew then have fade away or left the platform. Like #zappl #dlive #musing and many more. Though they've left and many of us has used them, we all can attest to the fact that Steem welcomed them and they brought there goods too. Now, fast forward to 2020, with the likes of @steempeak which presently has the best Steemit users interface, to @busy.org to @partiko. Don't forget @esteem & @steemspeak and many more. It's a free world in here and it has brought us many peace and some financial liberation over the years.

.2. It means it's free - Since it's not owned by anyone, neither can a single person lay hold of it totally, Decentralization means it's free. You can see it in the GitHub history of Steem and many Dapps built-on it. They are free and open source.


.3. It also means the power to affect change is in the hands of the people, not the super-rich or big guns. The so called Whales or those with high stake. When a platform is said to be decentralized, it means an average person can come onboard and still make a change. His voice is heard in and around everywhere.



With that been said, @theycallmedan also asked 👇

What do you think are the fundamental building blocks of blockchain?

.1. Immutability : Before the days of Hard Fork and many forms that follows, the true essence of immutability was made known, which is, whatever you put here is eternal because a copy of is is made all over the world and chained together to make a complete block.

.2. The Security of your data & profiles. I learnt that whatever you have here is secured. Take Steemit for example, the password given to you is yours and yours alone, the system doesn't have record of it neither can anyone use it aside you. Also, you alone have the whole authority into your account and can only be the one to edit things in your wallet. Isn't that cool ?

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.3. A transparent record. Oh yes, that's one thing I like about blockchain, whatever you have is transparent, the blockchain explorer or Ethereum explorer or Steemd or steem-engine explorer. All have a copy of things as it's going on and that keeps everyone safe and a peace of mind.


My general thoughts on both Decentralization and Blockchain is that it has to be greatly encourage and it's due course taking. Whatsoever that can send us back into a capitalist world or a platform that doesn't care of the things I've listed above should be frowned at.


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