Why am I still here?

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For the bigger part of my life, I've been wondering how do people survive with a tiny paid job and they are still working with full of passion. I would like to begin my article with a famous quote,

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Steem is not a job. It's a passion, it's a huge community with different kind of work, activities, bunch of people with wrong mind, and most if not all begin with a pure love of crypto and started off their #steem journey. I'm one of them.

I used to have some loose change of crypto here and there from previous mining activities and faucet mining. Later I converted all of them to steem and powered them up for a bigger upvote. Until one point I felt really fed up with steem price consistently dropping lower and lower, I decided it's time to leave, and started power down.

However, the power down doesn't really do me well, because I'm a lazy mofo, so I was waiting for the best price to sell off my steem for more money I can get. Unfortunately(or fortunately) as you know steem price never seen 2 dollars again after 2 years. With a frown face, again I stopped the power down, power up again and continue to upvote so I can earn some interests along the way whilst waiting for the moon.

As time goes by, I started to see some progress with #cn-malaysia, a curation program I started together with a few other steemian. The amount of Chinese blogger increasing and I suddenly realized, it's not about the money that counts(for most of the time). It's the people, it's the connection between people and community that counts.

I enrolled myself in to #esteem curator intern program, and happily gotten myself so much more follower than I can imagined. Along the past 1 year working with #esteem, I started to see different kind of people and different kind of behaviour. It's not about me anymore, it's about who made up of the steem ecosystem.

I knew Tron bought over #steemit few weeks ago and created a huge havoc. I saw some people even went setting up their Tron wallet, start to send their steem out buying Tron for themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a wrong move, it could be a fall back in the event of steem gets closed, and they're well protected by Tron.

I, haven't even move a single steem out of the system since my previous withdrawal in early 2018. I knew for a fact that, it's not really #steem that counts, it's the people who run steem, use steem, hodl steem that counts. It's the community that counts. It's the people who interact that counts. We can have all the steem we want if it's worth only 0.001 a piece. Will you buy if steem us 0.001 today?

I think I'm addicted to #steem, which explains why am I still here. Everyday I allocate time to check my #drugwars account, to make sure I consume the resources or start to upgrade the facilities in the game. I know not many are playing and the reward suck. But it's already part of my life. It's like dealing with numbers become my new hobby. I started to do more workout despite I don't get upvote regularly. Who cares if I can continue to post video, stay fit for as long as I can still post a video to make myself continue to workout.

Once again, before I end this sharing session, I would also like to take this opportunity to remind myself, love what I'm doing and I not have to deal with job anxiety. I already have a real life job that drive people up the wall, I certainly do not wish steem become a job. Writing and sharing is now my biggest hobby, engaging with people in #steem #blockchain seems to be one of the most fun thing to do in my life, and on a daily basis.

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.

With this quote, I would like to end my sharing session of why am I still here. I haven't out much hope on steem anymore since it goes below 1 dollar. All I care now is, whether the community will stay, and I'm definitely one of them who chooses to stay and continue to share and engage with the rest of the chain occupants.

Steemeet with #teammalaysia core members last week


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Amazing a post brother

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interesting post, you became my inspiration in writing on steemit

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@davidke20, One thing is for sure and that is many of us travelled a Roller-coaster Journey. Hope that your Passionate Steem Journey will continue effectively for long term. Stay blessed brother.

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Bro, I'm in space, heading to moon. So I'm weightless, and won't feel the roller coaster anymore. Thanks for stopping by !tip

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I feel that steemit community made me better. Agree with you .

Yes. It is the people like you, who keep creating content and engaging with others who make this place alive.

Better way than posting FB then sometimes people are annoying or getting annoyed.

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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

That sentence says it all and has everything to do with Steemit, @davidke20.

Good post.

Thanks for stopping by. It has everything to do with #steem, #steemit is only part of it and I didn't choose to use it 😂