Just Being Lazy? ...Or being Resourceful?

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I have no clue if I've thrown this post through the right door: Expect Freewrite, Food, Photography and Easy Piecy.

One of the positive side effects of this Corona-thingy and the lockdown we are all in (though lockdown should stop immediately: read my article about this here) is my ability to mix work and private time throughout the day. Added to that the extra time I got. As for many, my work didn't decrease in amount too much, but still I gained quite some extra time since working from home, without colleagues around, allows me to produce the same amounts in (much) less time; No colleagues interrupting; No unnecessary coffee talks; Eating my lunch while working... Owww, generally I'm having lunch when spending time on STEEM and HIVE; One of the private timeslots in my day of work :) Obviously I don't have to travel as well, other then from my bed to the kitchen for coffee and then to my home office to drink the coffee while starting my day with curating our chain.


I got myself a new Steem account I needed to have so I could launch myself at the one and only Insta-like service in the blockchain world: APPICS. Interesting service for sure! Still we have to deal with performance issues, and I think the feature set in the App is still very basic, but it looks promising. From usability point of view definitely an App that can act as a reference for other crypto based Social Network Apps I came across. BTW, it was not easy to learn how to setup a new account at the Steem chain. All tools where decommissioned! Finally I found the Steemworld tool being able to help me. It even allowed me to setup a delegation I desperately needed because my new APPICS/Steem account was out of Resource Credits in no time! Never I had to deal with RC's. We can always learn something new! Unfortunately, learning something new in the Steem and HIVE world, takes so much extra time due to lack of information. I wish we had a much better and extended and up-to-date Wiki. Steem Center is nice, but for sure it is outdated and far from complete.

Bible People time

Yesterday was one of those days I finished my work quickly and used a lot of my time for other things. Such as a conversation with the Bible guys leaving all these annoying comments on our posts. I thought: Why not engage them with a positive angle, instead of just ignoring their comments, downvoting them, or leave some 'nasty' response? This conversation is still ongoing, and doesn't differ much from earlier conversations I had with Bible believers. But still interesting: I like to see how long these guys will continue the conversation. I will continue for sure, whenever they respond, I'll for sure will react with my side of the story and at add least some questions I like them to answer. So far, they are ignoring some of those questions, since it'll be mighty difficult for them to provide a solid answer whilst keeping their storyline. Anyways, a little 'project' I took onboard since I have extra time :)

In case you are interested in reading this conversation, go to this post and check the comment section. As you know, most of the comments maybe hidden since all the Bible accounts are downvoted to REP super low.

HIVE Coin time

When I'm behind my laptop and phone, I don't seem to notice my brains screaming for food: As a result I forgot lunch completely yesterday! At some point in the late afternoon when I was checking the situation around our HIVE token on the exchanges (Huobi and Bittrex: they same to be on-par most of the time, but sometimes the values at Bittrex seem to be higher than on Huobi; Could be an opportunity to circle funds around and make money in that way) my body started to scream for food! And when that happens, I need food very quickly! Everything needed to be cooked though; Time I didn't had so much of anymore since my body started to protest: shaking a little and I felt physically weak.


Fortunately I got myself a bushel of green asparagus at the street market the day before; Perfect for a quick dinner!

I wanted to add a some photo's of my asparagus, but my kitchen was not ok to be used as a background. Too messy! Luckily I cleaned my floor in my living room the day before! Perfect for the photo! You may say: I'm lazy, I could've cleaned my kitchen first. One of my closer friends would call this: Being Resourceful. So I leave it at that :)

Normally, two maybe three persons can eat from this, but I decided to cook them all at once, thinking I may need all of it to cover my lack of food intake earlier that day.

It took me less than 5 minutes in this pan to get them done! The quickest dinner ever! :)

I still had a few boiled eggs that I added to give me the needed protein. Owww, I ate one while cooking the asparagus. One left...

With plate...

...back to my desk to check what HIVE was about to do since from TA (technical analyses) point of view it was close to a decision point: either a step up, or a step down. And you know what? It was a step down! Resistance was at 5000 sathosi as you can clearly see from the chart below. And while I was away for about 10 minutes to cook and make the photographs, HIVE decided for the 'down' direction. Did this had to do with me? Maybe because I used the floor to make the photograph of the asparagus? Who knows?!

For the entire evening I was nibbling asparagus! Such a great quality my most favourite street market stale sold me! I think I need to get another bushel tomorrow, so I can do this all over again. No eggs though, likely get some homemade burger done. Also something that is ready in a split second :)


Do you like asparagus and what is your most favourite recipe?
What do you plan for dinner today?
Where will HIVE trend to next week?

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