Spend Quarantine time Wisely: Art Movie created by our own Community Members

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Just finished watching a movie created by two of our community members (@vachemorte and @juliakponsford). Not just a simple and short one. Nope: Not at all! The movie takes more than 2 hours, so get yourselves ready on your comfortable couch with your favourite drinks and snacks right next to you, and dive in!

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It took me some time to get my full attention, but after the first 15 to 20 minutes, the movie took me in completely. I barely could get myself to hit the pause button to get myself a drink. Yeah, I was so stupid not to be prepared for a two hour sit :) I don't want to spoil anything for you, therefore I'll not talk about the story itself. But what I can say is that the movie named "The JUJU GUM Conspiracy" is definitely not your standard Hollywood movie; Far from that! It is Art House material pure sang.

One thing is for sure: The makers have some talents and skills. Both - @vachemorte and @juliakponsford - have done everything - other than the acting - themselves; from script, video, music to casting, makeup, set dressing and everything you can imagine required to create a worthy cinema movie. Super funny to see the credits at the end :)

I did very much like the way the movie is shot; Some great cinematography going there. Acting was pretty ok, with some of them giving a great performance. The music I loved! Mostly dark and haunting; Totally fitting the scenes. Sometimes a little to loud compared with the voices, but hey, that's just a tiny detail :)

The movie leaves quite a lot to the imagination, though the message given in the final part so much relates to what we are trying to do with HIVE: a fresh new start!

photographs published at jujugum.com (source)

It was a Tweet this morning that led me to the latest post by @vachemorte (here) and it was my curiosity that drove me to hit the play button almost immediately after. Although the movie is more than three years old; The makers already created a bunch of posts about their project a few years ago; This one definitely deserves more monetary value!

Lets give them some STEEM!

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Owwww, don't forget to check out all the links in referenced post; It contains links to some interesting background stories including behind the scenes and an interview they had with the magazine FAMOUS.


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