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RE: So I Just Powered UP - And if you have steem to sell I will buy it

in OCDlast year

A brave move indeed.

I am not powering down and I will shift my votes.

By the way, when we end up in a fork which is the most probable outcome our assets will be reflected on the new chain. So why bother with powering down and then up again on the new chain?

Or am I too optimistic?


I dont think you are being optimistic @ervin-lemark.

A fork would likely result in a distribution similar to what Steem has now with a few select accounts that do not receive the airdrop.

!BEER to that :)

Optimism is the way to go, you make a good point. can you check your votes and make sure all of the following are on your list @yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma. if we get these into the top 20 we can block tron


Yes, this is the best time for us to revise our witness votes. In fact, I have realized that four of my votes are wasted on inactive witnesses.

I already vote for most of the top community witnesses, yet I will go through the list, shift votes where necessary, make an announcement about it and share it on Twitter too.

Better and better

thank you. we need to block the next fork, I think its happening on thursday, but i would say tron are trying to rush the code change to make it happen before then

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