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RE: I got downvoted because I don't downvote people

in OCDlast year

This is completely ridiculous @livinguktaiwan. I can't remember who called me over here, but I do have to concur with everyone who says it's your right to exercise your (down) vote. Or not. I get downvoted by (happily) fleas. So, it makes little if any impact. I did have a few massive downvotes and then I cashed in my SBI and that stopped. It raises another set of questions, though, doesn't it?

And, your question -

Since when did Steemit become a kindergarten?

It's not Steemit, so much, but the children who play on the platform. IMO.


Thanks for dropping by @fionafavourites, really appreciate it.

I don't think anyone is immune to those annoying little fleas, just need to ignore them. A sad fact but a reality in this virtual world. And I heard about the SBI issue, it's a pity that innocent users like yourself was dragged into it. I'm glad it's stopped now, though probably not in the way you wanted it to.

Thanks and take care!

No, nobody is immune and I've grown a hide ignoring them. Yes, I think the SBI issue is sad because the people most intended to benefit have been the collateral damage.

And you take care, too!

"It's not Steemit, so much, but the children who play on the platform. IMO"

It may be the "children who play on the platform" but no one is really to blame except Steemit itself for designing such a screwed up system, which supports a few long-time whales (many of them complete assholes) at the expense of everyone else.

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