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RE: The day I thought I was dead

in OCDlast year (edited)

I either haven't had any dreams lately or I just don't remember any of them anymore. It's been a long time but I can remember some of the dreams I used to have.

There was one goofy dream I had more than once, and in it, the toilets were out in the open, and if I had to go, there were people walking around where I'd have to go and I couldn't understand why they had to be like that! :)

I've thought about trying to lucid dream, but I'm afraid I'd have an experience similar to what yours was like. Hell, in real life I'm not even totally sure I'm alive, because of close calls I've had in the past. I think this might be a dream, LOL!

Great post!


I think we all dream but just don't remember, that's what I've read at least. LOL! I saw a post once that said: "When you see a toilet in your dreams, do not use it!" - I do agree with it hahaha or you might risk yourself peeing on bed :P

Oh usually lucid dreams are fun! Cos you can fly, jump high, punch random people, become anything you want... Well, I do understand you're afraid and I certainly don't wish this to happen to you.

Speaking of which, I've had dreams of me Steeming as well. Or chatting in Discord hahah. So this might just be your dream as well :P

You know, that's interesting about the toilet and dreams, because when my sister and I were young children, my sister had big bed-wetting problems, and I never did. Of course, I didn't understand why she had the problem. But now I wonder if the dreams with the toilets were my body sending me a message that I should wake up and go use the bathroom!

Yeah the positive aspects of lucid dreams are certainly alluring, so there's really a battle going on in my head. :)