A wildfire incident from my village

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Wildfires occur naturally in the dry regions and are a part of the ecosystem. But, what would you say when they are man-made and caused by sheer human carelessness?

One such incident i recently got to witness was when the fire was caused by either somebody throwing a burning cigarette butt in the bush or careless burning of the garbage by a family in forest. The exact cause remained unknown, but fortunately, a couple of guys intervened and stopped the fire from spreading far.

Now, let me show you how i came across everything, while passing through the adjacent street.

DSC_3439 1.jpg
DSC_3432 1.jpg
DSC_3499 1.jpg
DSC_3446 2.jpg
DSC_3485 3.jpg

The situation was almost in control, when i reached at the spot and there were only a few patches of fire that remained left, with smoke all over the place. But, still, the precaution needed to be taken whenever the fire tried to go beyond a limit. And, because most of the pine trees remain wet and green throughout the year, their branches came to be quite handy in extinguishing the fire.

DSC_3455 1.jpg
DSC_3456 1.jpg
DSC_3493 3.jpg
DSC_3495 1.jpg
DSC_3505 3.jpg

Here comes another man passing through the same street..

DSC_3459 2.jpg
DSC_3461 4.jpg

One day later..

DSC_4010 2.jpg

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