How to make an account for use on the Steem blockchain. Fast Account Creation!

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Getting signed up for an account and how to help the Steem Community defeat this attempted hostile takeover:

Create a Steem account here:

Login here:

Power Up some STEEM in your wallet here:

Please vote for the real Witnesses of the Steem blockchain to help us restore our duly elected community members.

The red ones on this site are the sock puppets of Justin Sun and the exchanges.

Vote for Community Backed Witnesses!
Vote here:

SteemPeak Browser Extension to reroute all links to SteemPeak.

If you need help then join the general-chat channel.
Here is the Discord link that never expires:

Fast account creation with eSteem mobile and desktop apps.

Steem client for Android, Apple, Linux, Mac and Windows! Easy account creation with eSteem. Just validate your email address after signing up and keep in mind that accounts are manually reviewed before being created and may take a while. Get eSteem here:

Useful Steem Blockchain Tools For New Users & Veterans:


Cheers! & Happy Steeming!


Thank you for sharing another useful post. :)

Resteemed and shared on Twitter so that more people can see it!

Is it me or...?


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
Here is the link that never expires:
I will edit the post.
Thank You!

I might be a minnow, but I do what I can to help :)

Minnows unite!

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