A threat to all metals or steels

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I know that you are all familiar in the word "rust". Coz today I will share with you a photos I captured only this afternoon.


We all know that rust is one of the problem once a metal or steel is prone to it. No matter how hard the metals are they can be easily break because of it. Rust is just like a virus for all types of iron. Once iron is infected it will spread around once neglected and the hard iron will collapse and break.

I was in the house of my girlfriend @flordecar26 this afternoon. I am standing in front of the door and noticed the wall in front of it. The wall they use is a used galvanizing iron sheets. It's just a temporary barricade in front of their house.


The reddish brittle coating formed is almost covering the whole galvanized iron sheets and causes a hole on it.



I took a closer picture and managed to captured this rusty hole. It catches my attention coz it's look like a scary head of an unknown creature trying to eat galvanized iron sheets. Take a look. Can you imagine the shape?


So, let us be aware of this rust coz it may swallowed your cars or anything you have made in iron.😁


That's all for now, thank you for reading this post.

See you son on my next blogs.

Thank you and God bless...


Picture was captured using my Huawei Nova 3i

My aptitude in photography. If you like the photos I shared feel free to upvote and reblog my post. Thank you!!!😉🙏

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