I am an addict

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... yes, I have a coffee addiction

Okay, hear me out. It's not that serious, at least in my humble opinion, but it really does get out of hand on tough days. And what I call tough days are schooldays or workdays that last from eight in the morning to ten in the evening. And yes, I consider that a very tough day, because I usually have a ton of stuff to do. I am usually at work for half the day and at school for the other half.

There are different sides to this story

I work as a barista, which means that I have access to coffee whenever I need it. I have been a barista for over half a year now and I have gotten used to not drinking coffee at home in the mornings and just going to the cafe to buy some. Or whenever I am at work, I can just get free coffee when I get there and spend the day that way. I have to admit, I spend an awful lot of money on coffee, but I personally think that it's for the best.

Why is coffee addiction good?

Well, first of all, at least I am not addicted to anything else, like for example alcohol or cigarettes. Coffee is quite a safe addiction. And I personally think that coffee is even good for mental health, because it is one of the things that keep me going every day. I wake up and whenever I'm home for the day, I make myself a mean cup of joe's and everything will be fine and dandy. I can enjoy my coffee in peace and do whatever I need to do for the day.

A bit more on mental health

I am a huge procrastinator. When I'm at home, I spend most of my time playing computer games, looking at dumb YouTube videos or doing whatever else I need to do. However, when I am at a coffee shop, I am much more productive than usual. I tend to get things done in a jiffy. I'm actually writing this post in a coffee shop right now, hah. I very much also appreciate the idea of novelty in your life. When I feel that I'm starting to procrastinate at my favourite coffee shop, I just visit another one, which means that I have this idea of novelty coded into me and new sounds, voices, scents and such drive me crazy. Crazy productive.

And I'm not the cappuccino guy anymore...

I used to be the guy always ordering cappuccinos and lattes, but now I tend to go more towards specialty coffee. My favourite brewing method is using a Chemex, because although I love quality, quantity + quality work very well together. ;) Whenever you get a chance to try a Chemex, a V60 or an AeroPress brew - be sure to do it. Otherwise, you may be missing out on something special. And if you don't like a specific type of coffee, try another one. They may be so different that you may hate one, but love another.

Let me know down in the comments whether you like coffee or prefer tea! And if you have a favourite type of coffee, I'd love to find out!


Yep you are addicted but there are far worse things to be addicted too. So keep drinking 👍
I personally don't drink tea or coffee.
At one point was addicted to redbull was on 15 a day and never even got any wings 😔

The joke about wings got me laughing, good job! :D I used to drink terrible energy drinks as well when I was young, but once they all started tasting like lemonade, I switched over to coffee. :)

Hey I am addicted to coffee too. I created a coffee community - hive-146012 - maybe you could repost there?

Nah, reposting is generally frowned upon but if you use the SteemPeak front-end, why don't you cross-post it there for him?

Ok how do I do that? Still new here!

If you're using SteemPeak, there's the 3 little dots under his post which will pop up a little action menu. Choose "cross-post in community", another window pops up where you can choose the community to post in and a short description (max 100 char) to go with it.

By cross-posting it it's as if you make a new post itself but actually 90% of the rewards will go to the original author, 5% will go to the community you post it in and 5% will go to you.


Ok figured it out thanks!