How I makr a cartoon portrait easily with just three(applications)

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Hello guys!... It's a privilege for me to write a review on how to perfect your artwork With just two(2) to three(3) applications. But in this case I made used of three(3) applications and these are **"Infinite design, Autodesk and Picsart" **. I practically used those applications to make the work neat and to make the process easy for me.

The first thing you will do is to fetch out the picture you want to cartoon from your gallery. And go to the details of the picture and write out the values of the picture the resolution. Then, you go to the first application, which is "infinite design" and you can absolutely get the application on your Play store through this link:

Having done that, open your infinite design application and click on New. It will bring some datas about the picture resolution, press the infinite botton and make sure it's off, then fill in your picture resolution.

Now, we start the sketching... Select ballpoint pen under ink, then select pen and lazy under a symbol that looks like a compass. There you go about the whole body sketch. You can also select tapered under same ink as ballpoint pen to sketch the eyebrows, eyelashes, nose etc. As you can see in the image below.

Having done that, you will see a 3 dotted symbol at the top of the page, click it and export your sketched work to autodesk application, and you can also get that from your play store through this link:

Note:- when export make sure you turn of the background of the sketched work and that's after clicking the export. You can firstly, send the sketched one and there after, hide the sketched one and export the original picture to autodesk. You are doing that, so that the picture would be in the rightful proportion.

After which you've done that, complete your sketched work and get ready for your painting. Always take note of your layers whenever you can sketching in order to make things easy for you. Check the picture below to see what I'm actually talking about.

Now we go to painting... Paint is a graphics drawn using an input device, not scanned or generated. Painting a portrait makes your work looks realistic and I think that is the beauty of it. Everyone wants a colourful portrait for themselves. So the first thing you should do is to get your color plate ready, as you can in the picture below:

Shading is the last step we'll take on the autodesk application... Shading is not as easy as we think, although, it's kind of technical. Always get the fact that there is no shortcut to success.... With time and patience and will get the shading by reducing the luminance of the skin colour softly. You can shade wih **"soft pen, hard pen, soft Eraser and hard Eraser" **. All this tools are the simple tool you can use to shade easy.

Now when done with the shading and you fill like making your cartoon portrait taste nicely, you can therefore export it to picart and suit the portrait to your taste...

Thanks for reading my article and if you have any question or if there is anything you want me to put more enlightenment on a phrase, feel free to contact me on the comment box and I'll explain better to your taste. Have a lovely day ahead.


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