The March of the Elephant "watercolor painting" by @kirito-freud

in OCDlast year (edited)


This painting is dedicated to my mother. She has a unique connection to nature and feels a deep love for elephants. For her this beautiful animal represents greatness, love, protection, family unity and prosperity.

This painting also carries a message to raise awareness of the protection of wildlife, many of these elephants are cruelly killed to steal their tusks and do expensive things that only gives greatness to vanity and evil, do not let them stop the march of the elephant for mere human vanity.

Watercolours were used to make the painting. In this case if you are starting to draw the ideal would be to capture with a graphite pencil in a soft gray tone the image you want to project. Beginning to painting the background of the artistic piece, in this case the skies and pastures, then the trees until reaching the center of the image we want to give it prominence.

Once this is done, it would be enough to give the details of light and shadow to the painting. The estimated time to paint this piece of art usually varies according to the features, focus, depth and effect you want to give to the painting, however in this case, it took me 1 hour to finish it.





"Let us protect the beauty of nature, that is the most valuable treasure that humanity has."


This calls for a well earned !invest_vote :-)

Nice work and nice timing with my own poem (only in german though): Elefanten

Elephants are amazing :)

I'm proud of you, a beautiful painting you've done with a beautiful and important message.

My posh for you amazing talent:

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