Why am I still here?

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Good morning everyone!

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I have been trying to keep up with everything happening in our blockchain since Justin Sun bought Steemit Inc and for real it's been a drama.
This is also the first time I post something related to the recent events happening in our blockchain but I just wanted to get some things out of my chest.

The image above presents Justin as a savior and this might be how TRX hodlers look at him. You can easily tell that Justin's face doesn't suit with the messiah robe at all! He is like the devil dresses in white!
Anyway, I don't want this to be a long and boring to read blog so let's get straight into the point.

Long story short about the recent events from the eyes of a casual non-tech Steem user :

  • Justin buys Steemit INC. from @Ned and that deal includes the 65 million Steem tokens which were ninja-mined from Steemit Inc account
  • Steem witnesses try reaching out to him but they receive no response from Justin and his team while he and his team are Tweet about Steem migrating to Tron Blockchain.
  • They secure the chain with a soft-fork until they can reach Justin and talk. This fork froze Steemit's Inc (or Justin's if you prefer) liquid Steem so they can't be sold.
  • Justin and some exchanges (Binance,Huobi,Poloniex) POWER UP their liquid Steem which by the way were not theirs but mine and yours stored in our exchange wallets and vote for 20 fake witnesses (not real humans)
  • The Steem community went on a rampage, everyone started voting for witnesses and now 8 of our previous witnesses are back at the top 20 positions.
  • Justin , his team and Steem witnesses finally chat and try to figure out a win-win situation for eveyone. In the meantime , both Binance and Huobi remove their witness votes but they still keep their Millions of Steem Powered Up
  • Justin goes on a lies rampage at Twitter and starts spreading fake news via Tweets every 5 minutes.
  • CEO of Binance acknowledges his mistake and publicly states that Binance will start Powering Down peoples funds (which was illegal to Power Up in the first place) and that they will not interfere with our blockchain's governance again. 13 hours later the @binance-hot account is still not powering down. Strange.
  • A few hours ago, @justinsunsteemit shares a post from his Steemit account telling everyone he wants to help Steem grow and that he is here for the long-term. I bet 1000 Steem he didn't write this one.

I could write a ton more about the current situation Steem is in right now but there is no point doing so. You can read numerous blog posts and videos explaining the situation way better than me. The only reason I went into the trouble summarizing all the recent events is cause I want to answer @theycallmedan's question which is :

Why am I still here?

I am here cause we have a real community. I am here cause I met real people and not just Internet fakers. I am here cause I fell in love with the idea of decentralization. I am here cause I hate censorship. I am here cause I can finally be myself. I am here cause I can monetize my work. I am here cause I own my content. I am here cause I believe in freedom of speech. I am here cause I love freedom and above all I am here cause IT FEELS LIKE HOME.

Freedom is not something you can buy, freedom is earned. If someone comes and tries to take away my freedom I will fight. Never back down. Been here for more than 2 years taught me that people are not what we think they are. Everyone is trying to look cool online but on Steem everyone is free to be his/her self. Isn't this the most important at the end of the day? Being ourselves?

The Steem community is a community of like-minded people who love freedom and life. If anyone tries to take away these 2 things from us will be in real trouble. Fuck the Steem price, fuck money. If I learnt one thing during this whole Justin Sun fiasco the past month was that in the end money can't save your dignity. In my country there is a saying that goes like this : "A good name is the best of all treasures".

I am here cause I simply LOVE STEEM.


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