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RE: [CLOSED]Art Raffle|Milestone: Over 2 Years on Steemit

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Congratulations of your 2nd year here in the Steem community, and what a huge Steemit birthday gift for your post too!
I'd probably need one for my caricature alter-ego account; but I actually have no idea which series to look on yet but I guess I would give it a try.

I wanna join the raffle

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  • Character I'd like to be drawn: Jane Doe from Blindspot

(If it's your OC, please link/put the reference photo of them. Don't use pictures of fanart that don't belong to you. Again, only stating their name and source material is also okay! Oh, if it's a pic of you please also state that)

  • Contact: you know where to find me 😋 in the discord.
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PS: The post looks pretty ok to me.


Thank you!!! And ahh, I wasn't referring to this post exactly, it's just that while I was working on it, I accidentally pressed post but stopped it in time but I was scared that I didn't actually stop it in time and the incomplete ver of it still showed in peeps' feed(though I guess I did stop it in time thank god)

Your numbers:
Comment(+1), Upvote(+1)
[Follower category] 5,6

So my ticket number is 5 and 6? 🤔