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I see some people upvoted the 'fake' witnesses. Some may have a beef with the 'real' witnesses and others may not understand what the call is all about. Hopefully those who have voted for the 'fake' witnesses, no matter how big or small their vote is, can reverse it.

Just to be clear, DO NOT vote for witnesses runing on v0.22.5



Sorry i am Not really in it and i try to understand it.. These witnesses in the picture are they Fake or real?

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Number 3, 4, 5 are fake, puppet witness put in by Tron to take over Steem. There are 20 of them currently ranking 3 to 22 as I write and can be identified by the v0.22.5 software they run. Do not vote for them.

The top 2 witness in my image above are real, voted by the community. We have managed to vote them back in, and need to vote 18 more real witnesses so we can kick out the fake puppet ones.

If you are worried about voting for the wrong witnesses, you can set a proxy like @theycallmedan. Check his latest post

Okay yeah thanks a Lot for this detailed information! I already gave @phortun a Proxy, think He will do the right votes too. Thanks a Lot! 🌞

thanks great, giving proxy to a trusted person is the easiest!

Yes, please! Rally the community; if anyone voted by mistake; take time and reverse it.

Everyone can reverse their votes. They just/only need to notice that they voted for the wrong witnesses. But probably many people do not even know what this is all about.

Have amended my comment above so people know who the 'fake'witnesses are, hopefully it will be more clear

No, there were no problems in your comment. At least in my opinion. You should not have amended it.

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