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To say I've been killing fires this past week is an understatement!
If you heard my story you would likely think it's a figment of my imagination; I may just tell you about it one of these days.

I did spend a whole lot of time in front of my PC, that much I can tell you, as I had to knuckle down if I wanted to succeed in my mission!

No steeming took place although my head was steaming and throbbing at times and I did not get anywhere near visiting our Queen of Vegan food @lenasveganliving for the Fruits & Veggies Monday party; see you next week Lena!

So, I honestly did not think I was getting anywhere on Day One of my quest, nor on Day Two, but perseverance finally paid off!
Mission accomplished on Day Three!

Of course as soon as I saw that World War Tron had broken out in Steem World, I got the fright of my life as Steeming is what keeps me sane in an otherwise insane world!

I immediately checked out my witness votes and made some adjustments; how awesome to see what a difference each one of us has made as things are looking a whole lot better now as far as witnesses go.

What the future holds however, is anyone's guess!

Playing in the kitchen is my game so I'll leave the techno stuff to the technocrats who need to defeat the autocrats!

When our world is turned upside down, there's nothing like real good comfort food to make us feel better so that's what I will be sharing with you all today!


A steaming bowl of lightly spiced Chakalaka served on the freshest Wholemeal Tagliatelle Pasta.
Briefly for those who do not have the time to visit that blog, Chakalaka is a deliciously spicy dish made by sauteeing Onions, Green Pepper, grated Carrots, Garlic, Chilies & Ginger in a little oil, with your favourite curry spices and diced Tomatoes added - this version was lightly spiced. Beans and Thyme goes into the mix right at the end.
This was delicious served on the fresh pasta.


When I ran out to the stores, I found the most gorgeous little Orange Hokkaido Squash in the green grocer section - Autumn is winking at us here in the southern hemisphere, I simply cannot wait for its arrival as it's been a killer of a summer here!

This squash is so easy to prepare - remove the pips - which I've planted in my veggie garden - do not peel, simply slice, drizzle with a little Olive Oil and roast in the oven next to Potato wedges; these two made the perfect partnership!


Hokkaido squash.jpg

I use Soft cooking Potatoes which makes the very best Crispy Potato wedges as it's soft and floury inside, absolutely delicious!
The Hokkaido Squash is delectable with the edges all caramelized; one can eat it skin and all, really yum!

The final countdown - the last comfort food I would like to share with you today is homemade Bread, except this is no ordinary bread.
Steam bread or Ujeqe is a yeast wholemeal bread dough that is steamed for about 2 hours in a big steam pot. The aroma is to die for; absolute torture having to wait for it to cool down a little before tucking in! Spread with a Vegan Butter and homemade Apricot jam this was the perfect ending to a meal, no need for dessert!


I hope you enjoyed the food I served today for @heart-to-heart's VeganWednesday; thank you to @lotusfleur for the prodding!

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This looks amazing @lizelle, love the use of fact I have a butternut squash sitting on my counter right now! Perfect use I would say. Your presentation is lovely...we'll just keep cooking, who know what t he future holds right? Blessings my friend :)

I agree, we'll just keep on cooking and see whst the future holds! Thank you for popoing in my friend, it's always lovely seeing you :)

So rude of him to mess with my Monday! I think all the proverbial poop hit the fan on my usual favourite Steem day of the week! Happy to have my Wednesday brightened with this lovely meal, though. That bread looks insanely delicious, and a great snack to keep up your energy while all the madness unfolds... ;)

LoL Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my favorite days of the week....

Thank you so much for the prompting;)

Thank you for this delicious food my dear. So yummy, have to try it to. Would love to eat it right now

It really is an apt description, I could not believe what was happening! I felt so bad not being able to post but want to write uo a post this weekend and schedule for posting on Monday, we're going away for a week so will not be steeming much but will be taking loads of photos to share when we get back! Thanks for popping in:)

Don't worry Lizelle, you made it! I am just about to chose the winners, but before I do that, I checked if they are any late entries, since I know things have been kind of shaky in the Steem world.

All your food is truly delicious and comforting and I wish I had some right now 💚🌿💚


Ah you're too kind Lena, really thought I'd missed the boat!
We're going to the Cape next week but I'm going to write my posts this weekend and schedule them for posting. Hope to have loads of new stuff to share from that part of the world!

Wow! Beautiful comforting food. It's trully needed these days.

We have squash sitting in the vegetable tray... Hmmm, you gave me an idea how to make it tasty @lizelle! 😍

Thank you for sharing this. And may you have a beautiful vacation this week. You deserve it! Happy for you. ❤ Can't wait to see photographs from your vacay. 😉

Thank you for that @gingbabida, I'm really looking forward to the break! Roasting the pumpkin slices like that was so quick and easy but really delicious!

That's nice!!! I would love to give it a try! 😉 Thank you @lizelle. ❤

love it

Resteeme of course
So cool that you join in
The vegan community grows on every day...

Lizelle - your food always makes my mouth water. Eden is back in SA - so if she is ever near your part of the world I would love her to come and stay at your beautiful place

Thank you for your lovely comments @pandamama, having Eden staying here would be a real treat!

For her too - I will see if there is any chance of her going to Durban - she is travelling to Capetown I know -for an event

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Looks like a very tasty pasta treat for todays' lunch - simply yummy

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Some calm in the storm @lizelle. Definitely a safe place to retreat - FOOD !!! :-)

Love your Foodie post!

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Gonna stay sane with all this wonderful food you showing... ! :smirk: