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Let's see the world as an ocean, an infinite universe with thousands of opportunities. Approaching the waters from the shore invites you to stroke so as not to drown. From this view, I must strengthen my body, mind and soul, otherwise it will be difficult to dive.

My feet barely touch the ground and are touched by salt water that reaches my ankles. But the energy received in that first part of my body, activates the desire to continue making efforts.

Sometimes, the opposite desire also invades me. I feel the icy waters about to freeze, my body becomes paralysed, my thoughts freeze too. I take one step backwards but two steps forward.

Two feelings with fear of meeting. Two feelings in expectant resistance, invasive dichotomous unknowns. Two feelings about to meet to generate a new feeling. Two feelings forced and at the same time willing to meet because it is a fact.

The time for the meeting is near, prepare your best vibration, your best strokes, keep walking, step by step you will go deeper, do not give up, continue, we are doing well, it will be a new adventure, always make your best effort, let's go on together, a successful year is waiting for us.

Siempre atenta @maryorser


thank you @maryorser for your thoughts and great description


Thank you for coming to read my writing. Greetings.

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