Leaked Footage Showing the Consequences of the Chinese Government's Response to CoViD-19

in OCDlast year (edited)

Before I begin, I need to leave a WARNING about the following video. Some scenes are not for the faint-hearted, especially animal lovers.


Ok, now the CoViD-19 news frenzy has died down somewhat, and the Steem trending is absolutely bombarded with all these huge developments, it's a good time for me to publish my follow-up post on China's current situation.

However, the reason I've been wary and slow is that I'd like to take a more heavy, political approach rather than more insight into my daily life. Yes, things are very restrictive still for me, but it has become the 'new normal' at this point. Masks still have to be worn, temperature checked everywhere, businesses and schools shut down, quieter streets, no delivery service to your residential community yadda yadda.

But this is all fairly light compared to what's going on around the country in hot zones, rural areas and places generally under less competent rule than that of Shanghai. Now, the Great Firewall can only handle so much, and with such an overload of content coming out during the CoViD Crisis, plenty of footage has been slipping through the cracks. I present to you a small compilation of those leaked videos. YouTube only allows me 15 minutes of video so I had to select just a handful, speed some up to squeeze into that time frame, but I will follow the video with a description of what's going on in each video.

To be clear, not ALL videos are heavy or upsetting, but they all give at the very least a fascinating view of life that we simply don't get to see otherwise. And, I obviously did not make these videos, so please interpret them in your own way if you see fit. There's only so much truth we can gather when China's media is completely state-run, owned and controlled.


After some discussion I feel I should add some further clarification on this video: This video is not meant to instill fear or distaste for Chinese people (if you read my previous post you will know I frustratingly pointed out the ignorant racism spreading the world), it is instead a small collection of videos that have been widely shared by Chinese people themselves on social media.

The goal here is to get a general feeling of the sentiment and the narrative that is going around based on real-life events. It is, at this point (as I said above) impossible to find any source of absolute truth so again, please interpret this how you feel is reasonable, but regardless, this I believe accurately represents what people are going through and witnessing in their daily lives, when compared with the overall 600+ videos I've sat through over the last few weeks.

1: A typical tour around one of the wet markets so you can see the kind of environment where the virus is said to have originated. Different wet markets in different regions have different selections, but in this one, we see snakes, butchered dogs, and live-but-caged dogs, rats, bats, some kind of possum, cats/ kittens (warning, about to be killed on-screen), and a few others. Bon Appetite.

2: A Chinese woman trapped due to the Virus has finally cracked and speaks out of her dire circumstances, risking her life in the process. She shows support for Taiwan, Hong Kong and speaks crushingly hate-filled words about the corruption and evil intent of the Communist Party of China.

3: A woman is taken away in a strange box we often see at hospitals, a kind of rudimentary isolation box, carried on the back of a car, you can hear her screams of despair that might make you think she's being incinerated or something.

4: A casual walk around one of the hospitals, dead bodies laid about all over the place in bodybags, including on the chairs in the waiting room with people sitting nearby. Lack of Space, presumably.

5: One of many bizarre videos of people in elevators spitting on the buttons or in delivery food bags. One can only guess this is a spiteful attempt to spread the disease. This may seem far fetched but barely 24 hours ago a religious cult in South Korea was found actively spreading the virus to now over 100 people and counting, and this kind of behavior was common during the early HIV outbreak, causing new laws to be created in response. Some people, eh?

6: One of MANY videos of police either coming in or breaking into homes with sledgehammers and destroying a popular Chinese pastime of playing Mahjong with friends or family. The goal is to smash up the tables to discourage any social gathering whatsoever. In recent news, one family was playing in their own private homes and was stormed by police, beaten and made to walk down the streets in a walk of shame, carrying the heavy mahjong table with them. The police were later made to apologize but this is just one example of a broken political system which I will get into later.

7, 8 and 9: Utterly pointless and useless attempts to 'sterilize' the streets against the virus as a result, once again, of a lack of education on the subject right up to the low-level government level.

10: A man suspected of either coming from Wuhan or having connections with a Wuhan patient is man-hunted down by police

11: People confined to their homes socialize on their rooftops with nearby neighbors on their own rooftops.

12: People watch as officials board up their communities with sheets of blue metal in hazmat suits. These people will be confined indefinitely, food provided somehow.

13: One of many examples of a civilian refusing to wear a mask, inevitably getting tackled by the police and forcefully arrested. Given that masks are one of the least effective tools against the outbreak (though not entirely useless), this seems quite extreme but again a result of a lack of education. I have noted over 50 people in the streets in my daily outings who are wearing their masks over their mouths, not their noses. Go figure.

14: A Wuhan citizen attempting to escape the city in the boot of a car. They were caught. Again, one of many examples.

15: WARNING. A woman takes her dog for a walk without a mask, intimidating the police she goes by in the process as they are on the lookout for pets, under the belief that pets can spread the disease despite evidence to the contrary. Innumerable stories have come out of people killing their own pets in fear of this false information. In this video, the police soon find another dog and we watch as they slowly beat it to death with a stick to the face.

16: A man eats living mice

17: A man prepares bats at a marketplace

18: A room full of people making countless fake masks

19: A long walk down one of the streets in which new government law demands all houses be boarded up with citizens inside. They will not be allowed to leave.

20: A tour around a hospital, counting the dead bodies from the virus, and we witness a man's father declared dead as the man struggles to breathe himself, wheezing heavily in despair

What could lead to such a nightmare?

The intent of this post was originally to delve into the political shortcomings of the Communist party, but this is quite long already and I hope quite enlightening. So I will break the political post into a third and final part.

The best thing this Virus has done is to help the world see how totalitarian control has been and continues to be far more destructive than the virus could ever hope to be. People and animals are starving and dying as a result of the countermeasures to the virus, let alone countless lives are otherwise being destroyed financially as their businesses and jobs go up in flames.

More on that next time.


I was raised on an island in Alaska, nearly feral. As a result of my upbringing, I am incapable of tolerating oppressive institutions, and would die in China, insofar as I am able to grasp what is revealed in your video.

I have, from time to time, resorted to returning to the forests of America to live, as the oppressive effects of such institutions overwhelmed me. I do not think China could offer me such refuge today. Should such oppression become the norm in America, I would likely be killed quickly by the thugs enforcing such oppression, because I am incapable of tolerating it.

Thanks for providing this footage, and the explanation. I hope every advocate of big government sees it.

I've often daydreamed about the 'off-grid' life in the US. It's not possible in the UK, but that sense of freedom is something I will likely permanently cherish beyond sense once I leave China. I guess you were pretty lucky to be feral!

I count myself fortunate to know a way of life that hardly exists anymore, but is utterly real and immediate. There are severe drawbacks to it, but peace of mind being lacking is not one of them.

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It’s unreal how much enslaved the chinese citizens have been! Freedom of speech, all kinds of human rights for that matter, are non existent! I can resonate with the woman's frustration....the amount of stupidity I had to deal with from the chinese authorities was out and out ludicrous!

Yep and it's only getting worse every day. The strangest thing is, Xi's policies in many ways go directly against Mao's. I'd have thought people would have picked up on it, but I guess it doesn't matter...

I'd have thought people would have picked up on it

They probably did. But they're too afraid to admit even to themselves that they know what's going in is wrong.

I've had friends who were so into the idea of other countries having a democratic election, but when questioned about China’s election being within the royal families, they suddenly revert back to the XiJinPing knows best ideology!

Sigh yeh. The narrative of 'Chinese people aren't ready for democracy' seems oddly effective. Using HK protests as 'proof' while ignoring India and Taiwan. Any shooting or negative news in the US is a goldmine to further prove this point. Bah

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You know, when people compare China to Orwell's 1984... I often wonder if that's even going far enough. They certainly take inspiration from such things as hell and dystopias. I mean, their mass surveillance network is literally called 'Skynet' - Go figure.

What could lead to such a nightmare?

Epic scale denial and heartlessness (which extends globally, not just in China - though China certainly has a major case of it). Plus, the possibility of a DNA targeted bioweapon being used:

Well naturally I can't buy into things such as these ideas without proper evidence, however I will say that because of their habit of absolute denial and supreme control over information, it lends itself perfectly to such ideas gaining ground because, unfortunately, nothing is too extreme to be implausible when it comes to the CCP.

I don't buy that this was manmade at all, but if I was proven wrong one day, I wouldn't be 100% shocked. We know they are doing Mengele-esque experimental operations and medical tests and beyond. We don't know to what extent they area happening, however. It's a very dark country indeed

I agree that evidence is needed - however the situation is made complicated by the high number of reasons why such evidence would be buried. There have already been several qualified research scientists who have stated that the virus contains lab made components and the facebook 'fact checking' service kicked in on my page for the first time ever, telling me that they were wrong! haha. In the case of the video from 2010 that I posted, it is not saying that the Chinese would be behind the virus, but that it would be engineered by the western secret society structure that pervades governments, military, judiciary, education, religion and so on. If this claim were true, this group would absolutely have 'science' 'experts' denying the claims of scientists who identified the virus having origins in a lab and on top of this it is likely that the Chinese might also deny the situation for their own reasons (to prevent panic or other backlash that would lead to further economic instability).

Ultimately, this 'prediction' from a 'whistleblower' accurately describes today's situation, on the surface, and was made in 2010. How we know for sure whether this is a coincidence or not is unclear to me at this point, since the science behind finding the answer is both highly specialised and seems to be subject to significant secrecy.

Think nanotechnology Biological testing.

It's absolutely very sad. I hope things don't get worse, but knowing the Chinese regime, being optimistic is impossible. Lots of civil rights abuses are occurring in China and we barely hear news on it.

It will certainly get worse before it gets better. If they ever start to truly lose grasp on power, they will likely try to take everyone down with them in a last-ditch effort. But that is something for a distant future, I'm sure

That’s a lot to take in and interesting perspective to hear it from. Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, I'm in a telegram group that shares all these things and some of them are gut-wrenching... hurts to be in that chat but also weirdly necessary for me...

The only video i felt a little hopeful about humankind was the one with the people talking to each other from the rooftops. Take care mobbs.

Yes this is something people forget. Everything we are seeing is not 'because they are Chinese'. Even the behaviour we disapprove of can be directly traced back to actions of the government through history, but eating a live mouse does not make a man any less human than anyone else.

In these crises, they are still doing what they can to keep their humanity. That's nice, for sure

When a nation isn't allowed to even defend itself within its own home, how can they ever hope to freely speak out against such tyranny?
When they've removed your second amendment, they'll come for the first, and there'll be nothing to stop them.
This is communist socialism and state-owned media in action. Pure evil.
Prayers to those affected by the virus.

Well, they never had amendments. There is technically a constitution allowing various freedoms but this has a little asterisk at the bottom saying 'as long as you join the communist party and submit to our will' basically.

It certainly is a lesson to reflect upon for those Americans who still feel communism is a workable idea

Does it make such a big difference, really? Yeah, you Americans have your guns. But be honest, what chances do you have of stopping the US Military with those handheld guns? What chances do you have against Tanks, Bombs and Airplanes?

Face it, if the Government turns against you, you are just as screwed as anyone else, guns or no guns.

Chances are that those with guns will be the first to be taken care of.

The constitution states that the people should always remain as powerful with their weapons as the government. It was written at a time when large weaponry like that didn't exist, but it doesn't state anywhere that the people shouldn't own weaponry like that. The purpose of the 2nd ammendment is to fight any rulers who might become too powerful and tyrranical; it's to fight tyrants and tyranny. The reason the 2nd ammendment is under attack is to suppress the people's ability to fight back against said tyranny, and when your right to defend yourself is taken away from you, chances are you're being ruled by people who don't have your best interests and safety at heart. So yes, at current, because the 2nd ammendment is under siege, the American people are, in part, "screwed". It's how the United States even gained their independence in the first place: by making sure the people were just as well armed for war as their overlords.
I'm British by the way.

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither."

Honestly the chinese goverment is the worst. Everything just to keep apearances.

They are killing those people, even if they weren't the ones who created the virus (I not saying they were or not), blocking people on their houses ? They are way more likely to get sick. And since when this started i didn't hear anything about how they are getting food there.

I think the chinese goverment don't care because china have too many people, to the point where this became a inssue. So they will do anything to down the numbers.

Hopefully this sad situation will open peoples eyes and they will finally take an action and stop suporting those guys.

"They will do anything to down the numbers"

Which is why they ended the one-child policy and have been trying to increase the birth rate. The paranoia here is astounding.

How are people more likely to get sick from an enforced quarantine?

As for eating, here in China you can get anything delivered for around a dollar or two, within an hour.

This truth extends far and wide. They blocked Taiwan from entering official talks on the Virus because Taiwan, to them, is a part of China so why would it have its own voice? The consequence of that is that millions of Taiwanese won't get the information they need to protect themselves.

They are willing to endanger millions for their little political games. They will extend this to the ends of the earth if they want... sigh.

At the back of my mind I still think there are many Chinese BTC whales, mostly the government.

For sure, they are happy to manipulate the narrative on BTC because they have the money and power to do so...

This is actually worse than I thought!

Yep, and it can get much darker...

I guess I am starting to feel it personally :)

Aha, enjoy...

Damn, that's some great food!

Would you eat the live mice or the kittens, given the choice?

Id eat the kittens after they ate the mice. I dont like to waste food.

I always figured you were an efficient eater

I didn't watch the video. Your narration was descriptive enough.
People panic. They're irrational before they panic, but in panic they are to be feared.
Thanks for the report.
Be safe

Totally. In a country where you are censored from what's going on, it will only lead to panic when these things inevitably get out. The government will not then inform and educate people on such a matter. They will just fend for themselves, and feed more and more distrust and, thus, panic. What can a person do?

I hope the panic will form one day to something constructive... or destructive, depending on your perspective

I don't know what to think. But we all going to see what's going to happen like 3 months from now. So far not even the Chinese citizens know what's going on. At least that's what I think after talking with a Chinese person I know. The mask outside is mandatory, they barely leave the house, they only go for getting food from the mall (little shops are closed down), but they are mostly just sitting at home in their apartments.

Yep they only know what A) The government wants them to know B) What leaks out, and could just as easily be a wild conspiracy as a shocking truth.

Most choose to simply bow out and hope things move on without involving them. Probably for the best?

And yep I'm very familiar with the rules and curfews, I should be at work right now but I'm here in my PJs!

Tbh, I don't know if its the locals don't know or choose to not know. Many have been abroad to study and work and know what democracy and freedom looks and like. And this post proves that you can access content that the CCP don't want you to see. I reckon they just decide to keep their eyes shut

It definitely shows that their are two sides to the human experience, showing that economic and financial strength is not all there is when it comes to our conversations. The well-being of a countries citizens, the integrity within institutions and the expansion of cultural identity are things that I feel are largely overlooked in this country. My wife and I are currently living in Chongqing, and I've been working here for three years. The event definitely shows the weakness of a soft authoritarian regime, and really does make China's political future even more interesting. I definately hope all of this comes to an end soon, can't go to Hong Kong to apply for a new work VISA, and at the rate that South Korea is going, I might not even be allowed to travel there.

I still haven't done Chongqing, I probably should before I head out forever.

Agreed though. The whole premise of the survival of this government is to maintain a large list of facades, from economic to cultural, social and beyond. As long as they can keep these false bubbles growing they can survive, but if any of them finally pop... who knows what'll happen

Que horrible es el gobierno chino ocultando todo esto y dejando a sus ciudadanos en esta desidia tremenda.

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When will this disease will stop.. I hate too see this kind of video but yeah this all reality of our world not only in china but the world is hiding the truth from us.. I was so scared to think this was above more serious than what we has seen.. Hopefully the cure will be found asap.

I hear a lot of reports that it might be here to stay. For example, the Flu has vaccines, but it still sticks around. There's a certain threshold, or critical mass, that once its spread a certain amount it can probably linger around unreported until it can seasonally swell up again. I'd have to read some proper studies on it to see for sure, but its entirely possible given the spread so far...

This is the story that we barely get to see on te MSM. It's just awful...

Thanks for the insight

Thanks for the insight

Thanks for the insight

This stuff is plentiful, you just gotta know where to find it, unfortunately...

Muchas gracias por la información es necesario que el mundo conozca la magnitud del problema

Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the importance of the subject!

If you see a problem and you continue to see this problem as a problem in the form of pictures and words and you cannot say, nor show, how you can solve this problem, because it probably cannot be solved by you, what can you do?

What do you think other people think and feel when they are faced with a problem that they cannot solve themselves? What do you say to someone who obviously has such a problem?
In what way can he become effective? What could he see, find and hear apart from the problem? What could he do or say in practice to be effective?

How you can solve this problem, because it probably cannot be solved by you, what can you do


Every western citizen should take Chinese people that are speaking out VERY seriously. They're risking their life just to get in contact with us!

Yep. Shrugging the virus off as 'just a kind of flu' is what I keep hearing, and it's entirely not the point -__-

this is really horrific.

#2 is complete and utter fake propaganda bs. Haters gonna hate.

That one was specifically why I added 'interpret the videos as you feel right' or whatever. Though I do suspect some foul play, it is indeed only suspicion and I think it's insightful in a broader sense; this is the narrative going on in many people mind's and people are too scared to speak out - this part is not BS. I know because my Chinese and even foreign friends are scared to use WeChat to discuss anything remotely controversial, and several of my friends have been banned, several having police come to their homes for saying something in a group chat, and beyond.

There is a silent voice not being heard, so I think, propaganda or not, it plays to an audience that needs a voice.

After all, the things she says ARE true: Lawyers are detained for doing the right thing, people are detained for criticizing the government (hell, even singing the anthem badly for 2 seconds gets you arrested, fined and career ruined), people do support the independence of regions and there is a perpetual fight for them.


And finally, it plays to my point I've consistently raised; who, what can we believe when the only news is state-owned and controlled? People inevitably have to take it into their own hands, and we find ourselves in a situation where we have a mountain of content, 50% is a conspiracy (US made the virus etc), 50% is legit. And we have to personally take it all at face value and use our education (which Chinese lack because of censorship), to figure out the truth.

The video is definitely a part of this story. The first time I saw it it made me want to get on a plane immediately. But then I examined the source and realized that that woman did not have my best interests in mind, rather she wanted to spread fear and loathing that supported her own agenda. For that reason, screw her.

But yeah, it's hard to tell what is real and what is not, both in the US - where CNN and other sources are exploiting this virus as just another news moment that pays the balls, like Katrina or a mass shooting. And also in China - where at least it's overt that the news is edited and curated to show the best face.

Reading between the lines of media is an invaluable asset to the modern man. No matter where they live.

Cheers to that. I'm trying to do a proper scientific post on things but... it's proving a bit of a head-scratcher in some areas, conflicting info galore... sigh.

Yeah, it's really tough.

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Absolutely terrifying.

consequences of one party, very centralize government... the dark side of it.

A fraction consequences, anyway



These are very heavy and difficult topics to digest. I can't bear to watch the dog beaten to death and animals chopped up. Millions of Chinese people starved to death during the Great Famine. China experienced famine very frequently since the Tang and subsequent dynasties. I am not making excuses but it could be a reason for their unfathomable appetite for exotic meat. Post traumatic stress disorder and neglect carried through many generations.

Well, this does actually apply to many countries that have suffered generational famine. In Vietnam I once ate a large broth of chicken... In that, the entire chicken was in their, two halves of its head and beak, intestines - the lot.

People have to make the most of what they have and often this is justified by calling things 'a delicacy' to make it seem more appealing. Cannibalism was significantly widespread in China, and there are poems and art about it during those times that are quite fascinating and, due to the above, china is somewhat unique in that it has 'learned cannibalism' culture around the nation.

Thanks for your insights. There is another eccentric dish in Vietnam in case you're interested. It's raw duck blood pudding. Scientists claimed this delicacy exacerbated bird flu (H5N1) in Vietnam. I must really get a hold of Scarlet Memorial: Tales of Cannibalism in Modern China. Surely I'll be losing my appetite for days.

#16 Why that guy speaking Vietnamese?

Very interesting. What are your thoughts on the official figures for people infected seeing as this has been changed twice?
I am reading stories suggesting that many small businesses, of which there are tens of millions, are closing, laying off staff or not paying wages. Have you any idea how prevalent that might be?
Many thanks. Take good care of yourself.

Well I know plenty of my friends lives are essentially destroyed as their businesses are shut down and unable to open. They still have to give out salaries and so two people I know are bleeding about 600,000-1,000,000 yuan per month and, well, the damage is already done. And this is Shanghai. I can't imagine how bad it is for those in Hubei and other heavily affected areas but I wouldn't think it was good.

There will, like in the Mao era, be stimulus packages for the more essential businesses but I'm sure innumerable amounts will be left to vanish into bankruptcy... if that hasn't already happened

Thank you for the informative answer. If you have the time I have one more question. I have studied Chinese history at various levels but know little about daily life for ordinary people. If people lost their business or are laid off by a company do they receive any kind of unemployment/welfare benefits?

That's a surprisingly complicated question but in a nutshell, yes there is some form of welfare, but it depends where you were born.

The system, called Hukou, is going under a lot of changes, or attempts at changes, as it is quite... bad. Basically anyone born in the countryside can never get benefits (education, healthcare, etc) in the cities they live in and work in. That's hundreds of millions of people without benefits - it created endless human rights issues.

But yes, being 'socialist' in their own way does come with a certain robust social benefits system... its just not as equal as they'd like you to think. I'd have to look way more into it though because it's a very deep, ever-changing subject.

Thank you for your reply. It does concern me as we don't yet know the full economic fall out from the coronavirus. I wonder how the government will cope with public anger if unemployment shoots up due to the closure of small-medium businesses. I suppose time will tell on that front.

$trendotoken $trdo

no comment (people are people , wherever you go - and not much you or i can change about what happens there) someone somewhere will learn lessons (when did i get like this ? hmmm ... it happened ... over the years, i think , i distinctly remember being someone else ... and maybe a few more before that)

if you don't want the spam this generates then please leave a reply to this reply, i'll try to follow up :)

What's this? Why am I so confused by it?

Confucius (of the yellow river) might have said :

"to be confused is a sign of conscience, even thought" :p

so it can't be that bad if you are

i tend to be confused a lot , inhere in Jane's Underground (doompatrol ref)

but the world of normals is mostly dirty glass, its not that i dont get it

i just don't wanna :D

i'd put a fiver on it that this is not the first time in life you are , i haven't seen you post 'cute puppy' ever (but thats not a challenge lol)

(i actually live on the dark side , which makes me usually invisible to classic matter in the process of progress (i linked that to your partner in community crime too - maybe an interesting bit of thought)

Is the root word of Confucius confused?

and so ...

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This so grateful my brother
May the almighty God bless your hand abundantly.
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