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RE: I got downvoted because I don't downvote people

in OCDlast year

Damn bro that really sucks. Don't let it get you down. Keep supporting quality people on Steemit and everything will be alright.


Thanks a lot for your comment. Definitely will continue to do what I can to support people on Steemit.


"Definitely will continue to do what I can to support people on Steemit."

If you really mean that, then you will help do something about the following members who are abusing the down-voting facility to silence anyone who they see has views different from their own. Not only will they down-vote a comment that they don't like, but they will then go back and down-vote many of your other prior comments which have nothing to do with the original comment, such as commenting the liking of a photo, a food plate, a drawing and so on. These members must either be stopped or be removed from Steemit.

the-reef - 54.9

quarantine - 61.2

buildawhale - 74.9

blockcreate - 25.0

block-power - 25.0

bullionstackers - 71.9

And others.

As for complaining about this, I am by no means the only one. The forums are swamped with such complaints, and it is by far, the main reason why so many are leaving the Steemit platform. If you want Steemit to survive much longer, this problem must be solved now!