One Image - Seven Effects

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The Redbud tree's gorgeous bright pink blossoms are one of the first eye candy glories to grace the landscape each Spring.


Kaleidoscope Effect


Selective Color


Picture in Picture


Kaleidoscope Effect II


Kaleidoscope Effect III


HDR Effect


Reflecting Water gif


The above image is the original photo that I used & went wild doing all the creative editing on.

Let me warn you up front that once you start doing these types of artistic edits it's addictive and hard to stop!

Which ones are your favorites?

Tagging the lovely @dswigle who hosts the #alwaysaflower tag


I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy while continuing to practice social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The good news is that self isolating appears to be helping flatten the curve!

Images taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Note smartphone. Edits done using Prismart and Lunapic software.

© 2020 Nina Haskin. All rights reserved

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog. I truly appreciate everyone's continued support! Have a terrific day!




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Some beautiful editing here Lady Nina.

Blessings and take care!

Cool effects, but my favourite is Picture in Picture.

This is so cool, Nina!! Of course, I love ALL of the edits, because, let's face it, who wouldn't???

If I had to... only if I had to... I think I would choose the selective color. It is one of my favorite edits. Of course, to be honest, I love the original too.

Awesome edits! Thanks for tagging me!

Upped and Reposted


What a gorgeous cluster of flowers amazing haven't seen one like that before i love them all :)

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