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in OCD7 months ago

Forking happy.

The idea of it finally happening inspired me to some doodling.

Ow you, B-Hive!

Fun fact, Steem started of running on the Graphene engine, that originated from Bitshares. In case you wonder why I choose the hexagon as a basic form. In fact, the isometric Hive logo idea has been build up using only that structure.

So, why the color block on top? Again, it holds the Graphene form inside. Extremely strong material, smart those bees to use that when they build their structure. And hey, we are one tough community.

Disclaimer: This is the result of some freedom of expression. Maybe it can inspire you too...?

Now gimme some honey sugga!

Using the hexagon form, graphene / hive.
Design cc-by-sa @oaldamster.


Oh my, such Hive!


Here's the logo from my central heating IoT hive app :OD

Hahaha, think you are on to something there with the "Oh my, such Hive." 😁👍

Really like that CH logo. 😎👌

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