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RE: [CLOSED]Art Raffle|Milestone: Over 2 Years on Steemit

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Congrats on 2 years in Steemitland! Woohoo!
Love the idea of a little raffle! Your artwork is adorbs and I think anyone would be happy to have something custom from you!
-Character I'd like to be drawn: an OC (formerly known as "Lelia", currently undergoing a name change) from my comic book. She's got bright red hair, and is an Earth elemental.
seen here, here, here, and here.
-Contact: I'll let you know if/when needed ;)
-Show I like: Avenue 5


Thank you~! And ohh, your OC looks cool! And good luck with the name change! I sometimes have trouble picking a name for my characters

Though- I'm very sorry I can't give you your numbers yet, I tried checking if you were a follower and I can't seem to find you-

Maybe it's just my end being wonky and not showing your name or maybe the follow didn't properly go through. Can you maybe screenshot my profile to show that you follow me?

Ah so weird! I've been watching your artwork for a while, but when I went into your profile it didn't show as following, so I think maybe when I was clicking around last time (fighting with my browser) I might've accidentally unfollowed. Heh heh. ^__^; Anywho, sorry about that! I've REfollowed, and here's a screencap.

Ahh okay thank you!

Your numbers:
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