So I Just Powered UP - And if you have steem to sell I will buy it

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I'm not really sure why I did this, but I just powered up the liquid steem I was holding on my business account @theexcelclub


As a community, we need around 1m steem extra voting on the community-driven witnesses to decentralize the system again. 2.5K I powered up won't make a difference, but if you have liquid steem you can do the same. Every bit counts and as a community I know we can do this.

Some people are scared, and I get that. In fact, I have also started a power down on this account just in case. But there is a week before my first power down kicks in and I have time to cancel if we can succeed in making steem decentralized again.

In the meantime, I am willing to buy steem via PayPal for those that don't want to stick around. I am off to work right now and will be back later. But if you want to sell some of your steem to me for a PayPal transfer, dm me on discord and I will be back to you later. Obviously, I don't want to get stung and neither do you and so will want to use some sort of intermediary for the transaction.

If you have not yet adjusted your witness votes, I hope that you will consider voting for all activity witnesses from 21-50. Moving votes around can help. If you are voting for witnesses below 50, moving these votes to 21-30 could be a game-changer.

If you DM me on discord and don't get a reply don't worry, I will be back online in about 7 hours.

Edit - Please vote for all of the following witnesses, if we can get these 5 into the top 20 we can block actions by tron
@yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma. steem needs you to make this strategic decision.


Power up all the way! This is to show my support!

Great stuff!!!

Just powered up 2000 Steem to support the legitimate community witnesses.
Screen Shot 20200303 at 15.42.39.png

I have to say that this is much better motivation than SPUD day :-)

You inspired me to power up 720 Steem.Screen Shot 20200303 at 15.39.17.png

nice, way to go :-)

I powered up my last steem I got from the post and set Asher as proxy to prevent dizziness on checking the witnesses list 😅 you're always a great Influencer @paulag

everyone is powering up, the steem community rocks, and we are back in the top of the witness list too, nice

Does a power-up have any effect after I've already placed my votes?

Yes, sure!

Just directed near 8000SP to vote for the above mentioned Witnesses. Every little helps.

every little does help, thank you

Damn .... that is brave ... a lot of people are actually doing the opposite :)

Fund fact.... yesterday was a record day for powering up with more than 40M SP powered up :)

powered up by the wrong people. its time for the community to take back control

Don't power down!!! They stated the plan on changing the power down to 3 days, this would defeat the purpose of your witness vote if it goes through.

But as someone else said, if you desire, just move to the other chain IF that happens.

yes, valid point, which I accept :-)

can you please check your votes and place one for each of the following. @yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma. if we get these into the top 20 we can block tron

Wow! What the heck's happening? Came in to check on one tiny thing and see that soooo much has been going on. Just resteemed lots of posts to catch up on.

You ok, @PaulaG?

Hi @angelacs, good to hear from ya. I'm sure you have the gist of the story by now. it's really shit.

But I do hope we will all be ok and will continue on as a community some how :-)

Interesting times ahead, no matter what way this goes

Wow that's great, I have a question
Can Delegated Steem Power help in wittiness voting?

delegated power stay with the owner when it comes to witness voting, so if you have delegated out, it makes not difference, if you have received delegation it wont be counted in your witness votes

Ok thanks for your kind response

A brave move indeed.

I am not powering down and I will shift my votes.

By the way, when we end up in a fork which is the most probable outcome our assets will be reflected on the new chain. So why bother with powering down and then up again on the new chain?

Or am I too optimistic?

I dont think you are being optimistic @ervin-lemark.

A fork would likely result in a distribution similar to what Steem has now with a few select accounts that do not receive the airdrop.

!BEER to that :)

Optimism is the way to go, you make a good point. can you check your votes and make sure all of the following are on your list @yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma. if we get these into the top 20 we can block tron


Yes, this is the best time for us to revise our witness votes. In fact, I have realized that four of my votes are wasted on inactive witnesses.

I already vote for most of the top community witnesses, yet I will go through the list, shift votes where necessary, make an announcement about it and share it on Twitter too.

Better and better

thank you. we need to block the next fork, I think its happening on thursday, but i would say tron are trying to rush the code change to make it happen before then

I am so sad with this situation, but I am still hoping for better tomorrow. I am moving on.

can you please check your votes and place one for each of the following. @yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma. if we get these into the top 20 we can block tron

fab, thanks!!!!!

Hope they will be in top 20 soon.

Sheesh, Paula! Brave. And strategic advice. Thank you. Perhaps you might want to edit your post advising which versions people might avoid. In the hopes that some of the "tron20" are already being dislodged. Probably not, yet, but we can hope.

we only need to get a few into the top 20 to block tron. if everyone votes for @yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma we can do this.

I'm gonna just about to send you my next power down portion...

after 2 days

Lol I'm still going around powering up! If anyone has a PayPal account and is willing to sell $250 hit me up

This is AWESOME!

I just did the same thing, but instead of a business account, I withdrew from bittrex and powered up.

As a community we can re-claim the blockchain, we can get independent witnesses in the top 20 and make the changes we need to prevent blockchain abuse!

Power down is no longer 13 weeks, the new witnesses forked it to 3 days.
You see the exchanges who unethically/illegally powered up their clients Steem and voted in the new witnesses can't have their clients Steem locked up for 13 weeks without SHTF.
Also if you power down, you also reduce you witness vote weight as your Steem Power determines your vote weight.

Last week I had already voted the witnesses in the top 30.

can you please check your votes and place one for each of the following. @yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma. if we get these into the top 20 we can block tron

They are on the top 20 today.

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I think this is worth a resteem @abh12345?

I always go for the crazy ones :P

thank you. blocking the incoming fork will give us the strength to negotiate

I would love power upping, but all withdrawals are suspended on Binance... what a crazy world? LOL

Everything is OK!

Are you still buying Steem? What is your Discord?

I'm out of cash now, sorry!! I bought yesterday

much respect.
let's go fucking vote :)

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