Call to action: vote for your witnesses now!

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

I already posted this call to action some time ago, just like many other Steemians did, to prevent what, unfortunately, just happened. Our blockchain was attacked and taken over in a very hostile and despicable way with illegal help of several exchanges, I wrote more about it in this rant just a couple of hours ago.


According to the latest news, Sun will probably lose the support of the exchanges (at least some of them) soon but apparently, his puppet witnesses have already managed to "unfreeze" the giant, ninja-mined Steemit Inc. stake that was never supposed to be used for witness voting and obviously, after what Sun has just done, he will have no restraints to use it to keep controlling the blockchain.

So, it is important now more than ever, that ALL OF YOU GUYS CAST ALL OF YOUR WITNESS VOTES FOR OUR OLD WITNESSES!!! We are already close to bringing our former top witness @yabapmatt back to the top 20 so let´s keep on pushing!

You can cast your witness votes here and if you are not sure who exactly you should support from our old witnesses, you can set anyone you trust in the proxy box and let them vote on your behalf.

Bez názvu.png

Come on guys, let´s show the power and unity of our community again. They cannot destroy or take control of what we have been building here so hard for years.

We are Steem and we are going to fight for our world!

Note: I just realized I accidentally posted this to the #ocd community. It was supposed to be on my blog only. Too distracted by all the crazy stuff going on I guess... Sorry.

This post was created by me for the Steem blockchain exclusively.


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #ecology, #crypto, #traveling, #photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on Steeming! :)


Bravo! Steem ON!

Snad si tohle naše oblíbené motto budeme moct dál říkat i potom, co tohle všechno nějak dopadne...

Budeme tomu věřit ;-)

Takže když si na tohle nevěřim, můžu ti to svěřit (jako mnohem zkušenějšímu) tím, že napíšu tvůj nickname a dám "set proxy"? :)

Osobní zkušenost s tím zatím nemám, ale přesně takhle by to mělo fungovat... A díky za důvěru ;)

Tak doufám, že to vyšlo :)

Nevim komu věřit víc, než full-time steemiťanovi. Je to pro mě logická volba, protože já se přiznám, že tohle jsem nikdy neřešil. Neb na psaní a komunikaci s místní komunitou to prostě nebylo třeba :)

Jo, podle SteemWorldu to klaplo ;) Já dřív svědky taky moc neřešil, ale už nějakou dobu je jasné, že teď to nejspíš bude rozhodovat o našem bytí a nebytí...


No jdu si o tom taky něco přečíst, ale než bych to nastudoval, tak by mohlo bejt pozdě :D

Now I understand a bit more. Just voted. Thanks.

Awesome, thanks :)

Do you have some other old witness to recommend for some good placed strategic vote?

At this moment, anyone is better than the Sun puppet witnesses. But some of our old witnesses already made it back to the top 20 so it´s bit of mess now. If you want to be sure to use all 30 votes for our old witnesses, you can set me as proxy. You can always change it later once you figure out your picks yourself ;)

Cool :) I'll do it ... but I must first figure out ho to set you as proxy ... is the first time I hear about this possibility.

It´s written in this post man :) Very easy. Just login to that wallet section and you will see the option down below.

I think I did it ... I set you as proxy

Yes, I can see that in SteemWorld. Good job and thanks for your trust ;) Like I said, you can change it any time you want...

Great but feel free to support the other old witnesses too, you have 30 votes :)

Awesome! The blockchain thanks you :)

Voting all I can, also resteemed

Excellent, thanks mate!!

Odhlasováno hezky perrůčo na SteemWorld :-)

Dobrá práce ;)

I´ve done my part. But honestly, in the long run we won´t win this! Money always wins and he has plenty of it.

I know but we gotta try at least. And there is always chance we can get some influential allies along the way who would love to see Sun losing this battle.

That´s true and I do hope the best for all of us and steemit. But at this stage I do not power up anything...burnt enough money in crypto :)

Great job Gabriela :)

May all be controlled, Steem on!

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