Fighting for Steem: another malicious move by Justin Sun

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

I know it´s difficult to follow the recent happenings on our blockchain for all the unprecedented craziness all over the world caused by the Corona Virus but the #steemhostiletakeover saga just got a brand new twist.

Justin Sun, the same Justin Sun who has repeatedly claimed he wanted the very best for our community, just made another malicious move that actually poses an imminent threat to the very basic principles of content creation on our blockchain.


There is an account called MisterDelegation that was powered up with millions of Steem (from the hotly debated Steemit Inc. stake) and that Steem Power was delegated to many important projects and d-apps running on the blockchain such as SteemCleaners, DTube, Spaminator, TaSteem, Busy, SteemPress-io etc. And guess what our beloved Chinese Savior just did... Yes, he removed almost all of these delegations!

I think it´s not even necessary to talk about the consequences that this action will have. With some of the most popular Steem project and d-apps unable to curate their members´ content and without the "police" accounts fighting spams, plagiarism and other forms of abuse here, the blockchain will soon turn into... well, whatever you want to call it.

I think by now, even the most dedicated advocates of Justin Sun must have figured out this man couldn´t care less about us. Actions speak louder than words and by Sun´s actions, we have been given more than enough opportunities to get a very accurate picture of what kind of person he is.

Therefore, I am convinced it is still super important to keep fighting the witnesses battle not to let his sock puppets take control over the consensus majority in the top 20. Let´s keep pushing on that front, no matter how tiring and lengthy is seems.

Thanks for your cooperation guys.

PS 1: You can find more information about the delegation removals in this post by @ausbitbank.

PS 2: @theycallmedan wasted no time and came to aid by backing Spaminator with his own downvote power. Thanks for being such a relentless and inspiring fighter Dan.

This post was created by me for the Steem blockchain exclusively.


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I didn't want to judge @justinsunsteemit when he arrives in our blockchain. I don't want to judge because I thought he will be a good asset in our platform. But time passes by and he keep on doing like an spoiled rich brat. That's why for now I'm really disappointed of him. His words were empty about saying he wanted a good purpose. He's so arrogant because he have power. I know he won't be successful for sure. Many of our fellow steemians love this chain. I'm confident to say that we will win this for sure.

Exactly, I also gave him the chance to prove himself, although many people here were highly doubtful about him from the very beginning and they didn´t expect anything good from him. All I can say now is they were right... I also think we can win this battle but only if we stay united and that´s something, we, apparently, have been struggling with lately :(

If only we could detach from Justin and carry on a Justinless Steem blockchain.

But we or better the witnesses can. The witnesses can make a real hard fork splitting the chain in two.

At the moment of split both chains would be identical.

We loose but there are several alternatives around. It would be quite disruptive until and @steempeak have switched over.

But it's not impossible. And it might be an idea to start working on it.

I just shows that he either has absolutely no clue about how Steem works or that he is trying to run this place to the ground. I have almost no hope that we will see anything good coming from Justin. This is why I made this somewhat pessimistic post about the future of Steem ... but keep up the fight!

Actually, we would´t get all the publicity in the media that have been following our fight for decentralization if there was not for Sun but we can hardly count this as his credit... I am not expecting anything good from him either for sure now. I will take a look at your post.

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