We are Steem and we are going to fight for our world!

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Ok guys, this is going to be a messy one as it will be a very spontaneous free write rant.

It´s currently 2 A.M. where I am now but I cannot sleep as I am too agitated by all the recent happenings. I have been reading through all the posts and comments for long hours, mostly under this post (it´s actually quite hard to find as it was downvoted to zero by many angry Steemians but that´s where the hottest debate is taking place).

So if you don´t know yet, let me inform you about the most recent episode of the infamous Justin saga. Mr. Sun just "borrowed" dozens of millions of Steem from several exchanges, powered it up to a bunch of hastily created Steem accounts and used it to replace our top 20 witnesses with his own puppet witnesses. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment...

He used our fellow Steemians´ stakes sitting on exchanges to take over our blockchain.

I mean how on Earth is this even possible?? Those exchanges should be shut down immediately and their managers jailed for the rest of their lives!

So that´s what has just happened. Our blockchain is not ours anymore. The consequences are instant and heartbreaking. Members of the Steeemit Team (the good ones!) are resigning, even the most dedicated and enthusiast Steemians are now talking about the death of Steem, many accounts just started a power down, the whole place seems to be falling apart...

I have been calling Steem my virtual home for almost 2.5 year now. I have been steeming on daily basis, posting, curating, engaging with the community, my friends and followers, I have been having fun here but have also been working hard, trying to make my living here. I have created a very strong personal bond to this place and its community and I know there are many other people who have done so too. Many of them have been here even longer, worked even harder, invested even more time, energy, sweat and blood. Many have even invested their own money in it.

And now we should give up on everything we have built here just because of one greedy egocentric individual?! No way. I am usually trying to avoid swear words in my posts but this time, I mean no fucking way! Steem is more than a coin. Steem is more than a blockchain.

We are Steem and we are going to fight for our world!

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With all the crazy things being so fresh, I think it´s not even possible to say what the best way to fight for our world is yet but when it is known, I am ready to stand side by side with my fellow Steemians and fight for what is ours.

Just a little random thought coming out of my disturbed, sleep-deprived mind though... I have heard that Justin Sun is a very controversial person in the business/crypto world and I am sure there are some influential people who are not his fans. How about joining forces with them, making them buy some (I mean a lot :D) Steem and use it to vote our old witnesses back to the top spots? They might not mind spending some money on it if that results in Sun´s defeat and they might even profit on it later...

This post was created by me for the Steem blockchain exclusively.


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I think he just wants control over his investment that's all but on the long run he doesn't want to destroy the ecosystem. Steem will be a token on the Tron blockchain and will see Steem/TRX and Steem/USDT pairs and added back to Poloniex his exchange and other wallets with fiat on/off ramps. The top 3 main tokens on the Tron blockchain will be TRX, BTT and Steem. Hi is building the media empire of tomorrow powered by blockchain competing with the giants in the space like Facebook, Google, WordPress, Dropbox, Netflix. He doesn't want you to leave, he want's you to keep on writing and make an even better living out of it and show to others it's possible and he will even aid financially the communities already building here. He's the captain of this ship now let's see where we're heading. I'm not powering down a single Steem, I'm sinking with the ship if that's the plan but I doubt it. He saw the engagement here, the development, the enthusiasm, the energy that's why he invested. Let's wait for an official announcement, I'm personally more optimistic now, this consolidation with Tron who has the resources will be a win-win for everybody involved.

Thanks for sharing this opinion Dan, I really appreciate it even though I don´t trust him as much as you. Actually, I don´t trust him at all after what he and his team has done... I know that the sofr fork that preceded all this craziness was somewhat controvesial and could be viewed as unfriendly from some angles but Sun´s reaction was just way over the top. I think Martina summed it up nicely above...

The problem is that his actions have centralized the decentralized platform. Moreover, he used funds from the exchanges that don't belong to him for this hostile takeover. He also calls our witnesses hackers which is just too much. And he keeps misleading/lying all the time.

I don't know if you're on twitter or if you joined the town hall meeting yesterday but you can check his tweets as well as tweets of cz_binance for deeper insight.

This is absolutely crazy what is going on at the moment. I don´t know much about all of this but I´m pretty sure that it is illegal what they have done, not to mention that it was a pretty ugly move. Anyway, I started to power down and will continue until we know what is going on. I never invested money and only have about 6000SP but I worked 3 years to achieve that.

It sounds illegal (and disgustingly corrupt) indeed. Same here, I have not invested money either but "just" thousands of hours of my time, energy and dedication. I haven´t started the power down though. My 19k is negligible too but I am ready to use it whatever way it will be needed. Stay strong guys.

What a fuckwit.

His latest tweets only confirmed what most people had already thought of him... We just cannot be defeated by such a person. No way.

@phortun Seems like I´ve joined Steem in a tumultuous time, uh? I´ll try to follow what´s happening...

The craziest time I have ever experienced here to be honest... I am sorry man. We have already been through a lot of tough situations but this one seems really bad. Let´s hope it will eventually turn out well though ;)

Neděje se tu nic hezkého.
Pokud to bude v mých silách, podpořím vše pro dobro komunitního Steemu.
Budu hlasovat pro svědky, kteří nejsou loukami.

Díky, snad už máš rozdáno. K navrácení prvního našeho svědka do top dvacítky nám chybí už jen malý kousek...

To dáme ;-) Ještě nehlasovala @zenuska :-)

I could smell this from a far...
Plus i started my Power Down last week... not much, but still...
80% is gettin' powered down.
Funny little Justin Boy...
Incredible, what he did! Sue him.

Yeah, there were many people who were highly doubtful about his intentions... I didn´t really know him so I didn´t know what to expect. I hope you will have a good reason to stop your power down soon and stay here ;)

I will stay with the community, anyway ;)
especially because of Reggaesteem.
I am still stakin' Jahm :p
But the financial side of Steemit/Steem is too "unstable"
and since Justin also insecure,in my opinion.
But yeah, i will keep on posting...

Good to know you are not leaving us ;)

It fuckings hurts man. Never imagined something like this but I guess it just points out a major flaw in our system we didn't think about. The steem chain will be controlled by the rich, even if that is one single person.

Hope we will sort this mess out, I am really hoping for a fork at this point.

Well, a major flaw... I think our witnesses did their best and under standard conditions, they probably would have been able to protect us but seriously, who would think that "renowned" exchanges would pick sides and support this nasty coup? That was absolutely shocking and unprecedented...

Don't misunderstand me, I don't blame our witnesses. They are not guilty for this. But it a legit threat to any small cap coin to be taken over like this if any billionaire would wish so in this way. I dearly hope we will be able to sort this out. It finnaly seemed like we were starting to get something great going here.

I said to one of my friends that Justin buying steemit might be the best thing ever happened to the blockchain, if not, then the worst for sure.

So far it seems like the worst but maybe something good will come out of this, we will have to see.

Ah, so that was your point... ok, sounds reasonable, yeah. Well, it doesn´t look like the best thing scenario right now :D But yeah, something good can eventually come out of this and I believe it will.

Vcerajsok sa zapise do dejin internetu, a nie v dobrom. Chapem, ze ho SF mozno vyprovokoval. Sme predsa ludia. Ale necakala som, ze spravi taky krok a ze na to pouzije stake, ktory nie je jeho.

Zaroven ma sokuje, ze to urobil par dni pred tym ako sa mal stretnut so svedkami. A vo 7 zo svojich 9 tweetov ich vola hackeri. Co sa teraz stane? Ako to vsetko bude prebiehat? Nedalo sa to urobit viac politicky?

Ja vlastne ani neviem co povedat. Nieco take som necakala a som smutna z toho co sa stalo. A urcite podporim cokolvek co sa komunita rozhodne spravit. Prisla som na Steemit kvoli slobode a ta je teraz prec, takze kludne prejdem na classic Steemit, aj ked ta coin bude mat na zaciatku nulovu hodnotu. Ale nemyslim si, ze budem nadalej podporovat platformu, ktora je teraz viazana na cinsku vladu (niesom konspiratorka, ale zas neverim, ze Justin nema s cinskou vladou ziadne kontakty)

Mám z toho stejné pocity jako ty. Šok, zklamání, smutek... ale zase když vidím, jak to celou naši komunitu zmobilizovalo, jaké emoce to vyvolalo, jaké odhodlání a chuť rvát se do posledního dechu u některých vidím... tak mi to dává naději, že třeba nakonec zvládnem i toto. Já pro to určitě udělám vše, co bude v mých silách.

Steem community is wonderful! All that is happening is making us stronger! Together we can do the unimaginable!

Hope you are right :) Good to see this positive spirit.

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