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0 Cetate collage.jpg

I was hired to take some photos of the Siria Fortress located in Siria, Arad County, Romania 😊
Here is the result. I hope you like it.

2 Cetate 6.JPG

3 Cetate 2.JPG

4 Cetate 4 Effect.jpg

5 Cetate 13.JPG

1 Cetate 0000.JPG

7 Cetate 7.JPG

8 Cetate 8.JPG

9 Cetate 17.JPG

11 Cetate 01.JPG

12 Cetate 3 Effect.jpg

6 Cetate 5.JPG

14 Cetate 000 Effect.jpg

15 Cetate 9.JPG

16 Cetate 18 Effect.jpg

17 Cetate 14.JPG

18 Cetate 10 Effect.jpg

13 Cetate 02 Effect.jpg

22 Cetate 24.JPG

19 Cetate 11.JPG

20 Cetate 5 Effect.jpg

21 Cetate 23.JPG

Mirrorless CameraSony A6400
LensSony 16-55mm F2.8 G
SoftwareLightroom & Photoshop
LocationSiria Fortress, Arad County, Romania

Hi @pixaroma thank you for sharing such beautiful landscape view. Those remnant of fortress reminds my those here in Scotland too. Actually the countries of Europe sharing similar history and who knows where our ancestors are coming from.

What I like the most, you managed not only to show the beauty of such historical place but also to set it perfectly with the beauty of nature: the sky with its clouds, sun, greens of hills. That only indicates a real Artist.

I see that you are using OCD community here, I just wanted to mention that OCD not active anymore on Steemit. This post was supported by @worldofxpilar trial that is supporting Visual Art on Steemit. I would like to invite you to post via our community page, it will be then easy for us to follow you too:

We are including your work in our magazine that is coming out today.

See you soon, Cheers @stef1 adn @art-venture project

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