Art & Creativity: What Are You DOING With Your Extra Time?

in OCD10 months ago

Every day, it seems like we hear about another country or state or city going into quarantine or lockdown, due to the Corona Virus.

By extension, this means we're all going to be spending more time cooped up at home. Not only is going out risky, in some places it might even be forbidden.


What Will You DO Now?

Personally, I am planning to work on art and home projects.

It doesn't do anyone any good to just sit in front of the computer, working ourselves into a frenzy of worry over the alarming news from the world.

Time to start working on all those "I need to do that, but I don't have any TIME!" projects you've been talking about for years.

I also just got an email from eBay, saying there will be pretty much unlimited free listings till at least the end of April, as part of their effort to keep going and support the economy.

So I'll definitely be partaking in that!

How about YOU? What will YOUR plans be?

Thanks for reading!



I'm figuring out and setting up parallel options for myself that aren't dependent upon art sales.

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