🔥 COINBASE is going be listed in the US stock market!

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The Reuters published an article about the future of Coinbase that was quickly replicated by almost all of the crypto news websites.

I am not sure about their sources because they say "according to three people familiar with the matter" which could literally be anybody, but I assume as a well reputed website they have some insightful information.

There is one BIG obstacle for this to become true, and it is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approval. We all know how this people handle this kind of situations and I am not assuming that this will be an easy process by Coinbase.


A big step to mainstream recognition

If this rumor come true, in my opinion this will be a really huge step for the mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Having one of the biggest exchanges in the US stock market as a public company will mean that they are law-compliant and that their operations had been checked and approved by the government.

This will put a lot of eyes in the cryptocurrency industry and I am sure that a lot of attention will be on Bitcoin again, maybe this could act like a catalyst for the bull market.

If I have to bet I don't think it will be anytime in the 2020 even if I read this in different websites. It will take longer to convince the SEC.

Is this a good Investing opportunity?

I will check this process really close, I would like to be an investor of Coinbase or Binance even though I don't share all their decisions. I think they will play a big role on this industry in the future.

Coinbase is the biggest US exchange and it is really hard to forecast that a competitor could be ahead of them in the short/mid term.

Enjoy! 😊

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