I believe the way hive is going and if there is good and great leadership backing up the hive blockchain, it is just a matter of time before it becomes a boom and success.

Time will tell but for me now, hive is heading to the right direction to grow and be succesful

Very interesting food for thoughts, I share similar feelings, this was exciting to read.

I've been reading about similar forks in the past, I found the Ethereum classic - Ethereum debate interesting as well.

But It is futile to compare it to whats taking place on steem with what took place with Ethereum. Here, its a cause for humanity as regards decentralization...


How many universes have we been to? How many universes do we get to be in? Hive and Steemit are such similar universes. You have readers from this world and that one, who are reading you and to whom you are surely awakening something. In particular, I have always believed that one is and stays where one feels good. I see you as a fish in water. Greetings, @rok-sivante.

Marvelous indeed, however i fear people most always tend to always choose centralized processes when they find themselves able to pull the levers of control.

Can someone how can I link my Steem account to Hive and receive my Hive airdrop? Thanks.

All same username & password/keys.

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