Dimosari Waterfalls - Lefkada

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Near the largest tourist resort in Lefkada, Nidria, about 3.5 km away, by car or a pleasant stroll through olive groves, lemon trees and plane trees, are the beautiful waterfalls of Dimosari, a hidden natural secret island.




When you take the new road that runs around Nidri you will see a turn sign to the right if you are heading in the direction of Vasiliki. After about 3 km you will reach one of the paths at the beginning of which is a bar, which is open from May to October, where you can sit down and refresh yourself. From here, there is a 15-minute walk to the main waterfall on the paved pedestrian path, located above a wide gorge.

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As the river roar follows the steps through the valleys and dense vegetation, you will be surrounded by steep slopes and olive groves paint the landscape with their colors. It's a great place to get in touch with nature. Due to the large volume of water in the area between the rocky river bed and the vertical slopes, small blue lakes have been formed, ideal for swimming.




The trail disappears and you reach the river bed. Be careful if you skip it as it is slippery. Immediately there is a hole in the ground formed naturally, a triangle-shaped pool 3 meters deep. Go up the cement steps, water will flow and rush past you over the smooth rock, you will begin to feel the power of the water very close.

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Carefully climb to the end and you will discover a true oasis of greenery and freshness and impressive waterfalls where crystal clear water falls from the height of 12 m, forming a small green lake that provides a pleasant refreshment on hot summer days. The natural emerald pool is under the shade of a hundred-year-old green oak-covered oaks and surrounded by a variety of colorful plants. We believe you will be amazed to enjoy this spectacle.




Although waterfalls during June, July and August have less water due to insufficient rainfall, tourists are happy to visit them during this period as well. We recommend that you bring a swimsuit if you visit them during the summer months; you can take a picnic lunch if you are going on an out-of-season trip, since the bar is closed during this period; Before embarking on this adventure, we recommend that you bring sneakers, cotton socks, and long pants to avoid sprains or scratches.

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Dimosari Gorge is an area with a beautiful natural environment where rainwater and groundwater collect in the Dimosari River which then flows through the Nidri and flows into the sea right across from the island of Maduri, the island of the famous Greek poet Aristotle Valaoritis, who sang this river in his poems .




The name Dimosari is derived from the Greek word "Dimos" meaning "municipality" and there used to be windmills that were public to the people of Nidri, which is how the name became established.




Dimosari Waterfalls are a real small monument of nature near Nidri.







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Wao, what a beautiful place, it is a paradise, I love the color of the water.

Paradise with beautiful pearly blue water. It's worth going there! :D

I want to live there!!!

Me too :D

The color of the water is just beautiful!

Yes, water is very beautiful! :D

Beautiful monument of nature, grace to share.

It's beautiful out there.

You're welcome, @theonlyway! :D

This gorge and its waterfalls looks just great.

Thank you for showing it to us.

It's on my list when we next visit Lefkada.

Hvala :)

You're welcome :)

Thanks for the comment!

Make sure you visit these waterfalls the next time you go to Lefkada. An amazing experience :D

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