Chronicle from the lockdown: coming back to the childhood ^_^

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Another day of lockdown here in Italy and my inner child seems to be really up ^_^ After some days (and after I banned some people on Facebook for their rude behaviours ^_^ ) now I'l feeling in the right mood to contrast my fear and anxiety.

This morning I had to go out for the part of the work I can't do inside my home: to send the parcel at the post office. We had also to buy food and so my hubby went to the postal office and I went to the office. Before to go out, I wore my mask (fortunately we had some masks in the lab, because here it's very difficult to find them now) with two words in my mind: social distancing!

Ok, I had a mission and after a lot of days spent at home, my anxiety was high level, but I looks like a Jedy (with a mask ^_^) and I knew I can do that.

Yes, everything went well. It was not simple with the gloves and the mask (me and the office woman too, at the right distance), but after a long line of people (there were just few people, but staying at more than 1 mt each other the line was long), I did it and I came back at home immediatly.

All the pressure of these day make me think a little bit tired even if I just sent a couple of parcels (I'm going out for food and work just once at week).

After the "mission" I needed to come back my childhood for some funny moments and so I created another poetic image using one of my pic and my graphic tablet:

Today was another sunny day. It seems to be a joke by Nature, since the lockdown started we are having just sunny days ! ^_^

While I was breathing fresh air in my own backyard, I imaged a tiny tree house on my plum tree and so I created it. Imagination is a great source in this hard time and I think about all the family with children out of school, so I shared again my link on google drive where you can find some of my printables (for free).

Following, you can see how my furry friend is spending time these days, while I'm cutting some ivy in my garden :

It was another sunny day. It seems to be a joke by Nature, because since the lockdown started, we are having a lot of sunny days, but don't worry, we stay at home!

See ya soon and steem on! Remember: clean your hands, social distance and stay safe at home, everything will be ok!


silvia beneforti

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silvia beneforti

I hope your backyard gets lots of sunshine ☀️

Lots of sunshine here and I'm so lucky to have a backyard now ^_^ My plum tree (the only tree in my backyard) is full of flowers and I ope in a lot of sweet plum fruits too. Hugs ☀️

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