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Thanks to @theycallmedan for making the call to gather us and answer the following question: How has Steemit affected my life?

It is not a secret that my country is going through a strong crisis of a political, social, and economic nature. My life in Venezuela before this crisis was extremely comfortable, I could have normal life privileges. As a university professor my social status was good, but in the wake of the entire communist revolution and the recession everything changed; This brought bad living conditions, difficulties in getting food, failures in basic services, reduced jobs, empty classrooms, among other calamities, depression in citizens became a common factor.

The whole previous scenario affected me as part of society, especially because of the exodus of loved ones, the financial issue, and the inability to continue working in my classes, or do what I like the most which it is to study.

An exit? Two years ago I started writing on Steemit, at the beginning it was a rare activity, nowadays it is a passion; It complements my daily routine, I can say that it helps me to drain emotions through words, this because many times they have no other way out.

What was Steemit's impact on your life since you became part of the Steemit family and why would you recommend it to a similar project?

Nowadays my blog is better known than in my beginnings, friends, acquaintances and family read me, in Steemit I carry out campaigns to publicize the network, I have overcome the shyness of the past, in my lines there is a mixture of my feelings, analysis and objective opinions.

Today even my family gets involved in the work I do, they help me and support me to continue, they know when I want to take a special photograph, when I am analyzing a writing, they support me with a better translation, among others, this project has passed to be part of me, that's why they help me.

I recommend Steemit as a social network because it allows you to develop content of all kinds, including: educational, literature, analysis, art, music, videos, this makes it a very complete environment, excellent for strengthening creativity and personal growth.

Compared to other social networks here, it ensures that you can read content that adds value to our development. It's not just a visual or gossip network, it's a blank canvas for artists, poets, musicians and writers.

Another added benefit? Yes, the fact of being able to charge economic remuneration for the publications made, this provides an useful attraction, which also gives power to its participants by giving them the opportunity to win and invest in the blockchain, which is to take an important step in the era of digital technology, with monetization through the use of digital purses and cryptocurrencies to carry out commercial consumption or investment operations.

A few days to reach two years in Steemit I appreciate having known this community full of friends, family, learning, I also appreciate the first live encounter with other Steemiants and the possibility of communicating through Discord or the platform.

Thank you all for your support and comments.

To participate in the call use the following link

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Saludos Luisita bella. Tenemos muchas coincidencias, será por eso que nos identificamos mucho y la más puntual es la de ser docente. Entonces seremos las Comay Docentes o Docentes Comay ja,ja,ja; como sea igual cuentas con mi admiración. Adoro tus letras.

Steemit nos ha permitido exponer esas afinidades, lo mejor es que todo ha sido en medio del valor y el respeto.

Muchas gracias por estar Comay 😁😉

A post like you, my beautiful friend: full of sincerity and heart. Steemit, this blessed chance of fate, brought us together in a beautiful environment where we develop our capabilities and, above all, our affective bonds. I thank God because I found you on the way, you taught me many things to evolve and I am eternally grateful for your friendship and affection. Thank you Steemit, thank you for this beautiful post. I hug you fondly, @slwzl.

Una publicación como tú, mi bella amiga: llena de sinceridad y corazón. Steemit, esta bendita casualidad del destino, nos juntó en un ambiente hermoso donde desarrollamos nuestras capacidades y, por sobre todo, nuestros vínculos afectivos. Doy gracias a Dios porque te encontré en el camino, tu me enseñaste muchas cosas para evolucionar y estoy eternamente agradecida por tu amistad y cariño. Gracias Steemit, gracias a tí por esta hermosa publicación. Te abrazo con cariño, @slwzl.

Que linda. Gracias amiga bella. Nada que agradecer... siempre estaré por aquí.


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