My works is now available in Makersplace

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So few weeks ago @steeminator3000 introduced and help us to know how to market our works by posting into different sites. We made some group calls together with @hiddenblade for us to know the details how to signed up by this different sites and how it works.

Few weeks then, steeminator helped me to signed up for the first site called Superrare. Few days of waiting they emailed and thanking me for submitting my application, but Unfortunately they can not accept my submission at this moment, they’re only accepting a small % of weekly submissions about 8% currently as they add this functionality to help ensure the platform and supply of artworks doesn't grow too quickly. so they definitely recommend reapplying in a couple months again.

So we tried to signed up again to different site and that is the makersplace. We waited for 1 week for us to know if i get in, so few days ago The makersplace admin emailed me That i should start signing in and start posting my works on there sites. I am so happy that i get in. Im still learning how does it work and i dont know exactly but i will learn for sure soon. So i just want share my works to you guys, if your interested to see please take a look.. thank you ☺️


My work is now available
Just click here: 👇🏼


Congrats stranger, very good idea to upload your artworks at Makersplace. This is the way people will buy art in the near future:)

Thank you stranger actually its your idea remember? Hehee thank you again. 🥴

You are welcome:):)


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