My Latest Art Project - Fish 🐟 Wire Sculpture

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My latest art project is a fish, about 20 inches long, made with wire. The technique I am using is twisting and turning the wire, free form. The overall look is a mesh, but a pretty stiff one, so that the fish can stand by itself on a display.


At this stage I am about to finish the body. I am using steel wire from the hardware store, it is harder than the artistic wire from the craft store, which is usually soft copper.

The reality is that is much easier to work with copper wire, but it can become expensive, as you need quite a lot of wire. Also, if you want the silver look, you must buy plated wire that will eventually turn orange in the process of twisting. So.... steel wire it is!


As you can see, my mesh looks like fish scale. It is cool. I feel like I am doing some sort of hand crochet. It is easy, I make loops, sliding the wire, almost like when you make a knot, but you don’t totally close it.

The fun part is when you shape it. I basically shape it as I go, by putting pressure on my handmade mesh. When I get the desired result I use pliers to press it a little harder and make it stiffer.

For the fat part of the body I worked around, no seams. I found it easier to shape the fish by having access for my dominant hand inside of the body.

I am at the tail now. I am making two parts and when I finish them I will stitch them together.

I will stop my post here, because I have to decide if I close the tail or not. I think I want to make some fins, and it will be easier for me to have access inside of the body of my fish. You know what I mean? 😉

... to be continued ...


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This looks pretty good already!! I have tried making art using wire from the hardware and ahh I find it hard and also because I lose my patience pretty easily hahaha. Those scale-like look pretty neat and I could tell you have been doing this for a long time!

This is what I did back in 2014 haha, I only did it for art school and I have no plans on using wire as a medium again. I sprayed it with bronze spray paint.
Meh, I remember getting scratches from the wires!


Great job, I love it. 😂 getting scratched is a part of the job 😂

Time taking work! So worth though, it's looking good. Thank you for sharing @starjewel. 🐟

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Time consuming, like any other artistic activity. I love doing it, I wish I had more time for arts. Thank you for stopping by @lady-idra 😊

WOW you are so creative

Thank you @tattoodjay. I came across a bunch of wires in my cabinet and came up with the fish idea. I am indeed full of ideas 💡 and also I have some spare time now, in winter. Trying to make the most out of it and keeping myself very busy. Thank you for commenting on my posts. 😊

Thats a great way to keep yourself busy and I look forward to seeing more

I hope your weekend is going well

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much 😊

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