Why are tree trees being cut down !?

in OCD3 months ago

The destruction of trees on our planet is the direct destruction of human beauty. Trees that give us oxygen are ruthlessly cut down by some people, not knowing that they are destroying their own lives and the lives of other people.


At the time of the warming of our planet, instead of planting new trees, people cut down the existing ones, but do not plant new ones. It is not just a problem of that individual but it is a problem of all of us.

We must let people know that if they cut down a tree and do not plant new ones, they will harm all of us and our future descendants. I have to admit that there are also good people who do not cut down trees and plant new ones, which is a great compliment.
These people plant dozens of young trees every day and without any compensation. There are such people everywhere on our planet, and there are more and more of them every day. I thank these people, I advise you to follow their work as much as you can and how much free time you have.

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