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absolute zero. It is a theoretical temperature point at which all things stop moving, and it is at exactly zero Kelvin [0 K]

Is the above similar to (1 out of Infinity = absolute zero) or quite different?
Since you asked...I enjoy your science posts. You offer the material in such a way where it is comprehensible, even for an old guy like me with cognitive disfunction :>)

Also, I finally managed to complete a 100SP Delegation transaction to @curie. I'd been trying in the past without success, but figured out what the problem was.

Heyo! Hope you are having a great day!

Is the above similar to (1 out of Infinity = absolute zero) or quite different?
so... not really :)

By the current model, there is no infinity when it comes to temperature (as there is no infinite energy).
So, it is finite value and there is nothing behind it. I found this photo, which sums up separation of temperatures and some things related to humankind. "Absolute hot point" is just after the Big Bang - which was 13.8 billion Years - and the most energetic explosion in the Universe (that we know about). :) Hope the second part didn't mess up with you, but the graph amazes me! :)

Science it is! :) We'll see what to come up with next, soon probably :)

Thanks for responding back. Don't do that science thing just for me my friend, if your not getting thumbs up from others as well :>)

I enjoy your other type posts as well!

Thank you for explaining the 'dynamics' of temperature in such a clear way. Your essay reminded me of a moment in chemistry class (more than 50 years ago) when a teacher explained to me why fats would not dissolve in water at room temperature but would dissolve when water was heated. Somehow this helped me to understand the subtext of the physical world in a new way.

Your essay has done the same.
Resteeming and sharing on Twitter.

Thanks for the kind words! I guess I am improving both as teacher and blog writer! :)


The photos are great! Sort of reminds me of looking at stuff under a microscope back at school.Isn't it interesting how the most mundane things can be so interesting when investigated. Cool posts. (Curated for curangel.)

Thank you!

Yes, it is amazing as soon as we step out of our feel for scales &distances.
I'm still not sure what puzzles me more seeing micro or macro structures. :)


I'm a big fan of macro photography, looking at it I mean. I've just bought a macro lens but as I'm certainly no photographer probably won't get the best from it. I'll have fun though, and that's the main thing.

I am no photographer either! We keep shooting and doing fun stuff that we enjoy - and improvement will definitely come with time! :)

Enjoyment is the key to life. :)

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