Energy Reading for Flo the Baby Doll

in OCD2 years ago


Greetings Steemit.

Today I'm sharing the energy reading for the baby doll that @kommienezuspadt gave me for the Forbidden Sun project.

There is an Ovilus session, a Spirit Drawing, and a Tarot Reading in the video.

The Ovilus session is kind of crazy. First, the Ovilus was extremely active, and was saying things pretty much the whole time.
When I decided to end the session, I reached for the Ovilus, and it made a crazy buzzer sound.
The session went on for 8 minutes, and everytime I even thought about grabbing the Ovilus, it made a beeping sound.

As far as the words being said, I have no real idea. The Ovilus is so hard to understand!

If you have any ideas of new ways to interact with these energies, please let me know.

May blessings find you...