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RE: I got downvoted because I don't downvote people

in OCDlast year

Thank you for bringing this to my attention @livinguktaiwan. Apparently some of my rented voting power on Minnow Support was used to upvote their post, unaware to me. For @transisto and @likwid to abuse the beneficiary reward features for personal gain is - while not surprising - a dangerously abusive stance to take for the future of Steem.

Even more atrocious yet, is to take the stance that down voting at random (including plenty of quality content) is a stakeholder's responsibility. That is skewed at best. You may be able to argue that down voting inappropriate content is warranted and even necessary, but to indiscriminately abuse your Steem Power is tyrannical.

For what it is worth, his post received a 100% down vote from me just now. I encourage others, whales to minnows, to also take action. This platform doesn't belong to tyrannical whales, and if it does, then I will no longer support it.


The problem is that deep down at the roots is a good idea: we have free downvotes and they are there to be used. But every Steemian has to decide for themselves whether they use it and when.

Totally agree, and how one uses their voting power is their own business, they should not be dictated by someone else

That is the bottom line.

Thanks @tunnelrat, I really appreciate your response.

Downvote does have it's place here as Steemit is far from perfect as we all know, with all the shit post and abuse going on. Ultimately its up to the community to come together and make this a better place and to for Steem to grow. I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the response here and am grateful to know that there are still so many people who care about Steemit despite the Steem price.

Agreed. Systems will always be abused, which is why they need to be improved. Thanks for bringing up this topic, it takes more guts the more you have invested.