Bored In The Middle Of The Lockdown? Let's Play A Game! The Letter Game! @ txatxy

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Hello friends here with the challenge of my name
Organized by the bored of being at home our friend @blacklux
So here is mine
Don't think it's easy at all t-x no no
But there I go
T- of roof since today is the day of #caturday

IMG_7342 copia.jpg
X- Xylophone this yes it is difficult I have had to build it from scratch I hope you like it

PARA LUZ copia.jpg

Y-clean and crystal clear water

IMG_5050 copia.jpg
You again hehe
Tulips these are colorful tulips in my city

IMG_9161 copia.jpg
X -in case it was little other, this is also created from scratch the x is very difficult


Sin título-2 copia.jpg

Y-And that's easy myself haha

cheer you up and spend some time

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ojo y planeta3.jpg


Preciosas fotos. A ese pequeñín le conozco

Dale Juanca, juega con nosotras! 😀

A la próxima, cuando me entere bien de lo que hay que hacer. Feliz cuarentena, Luz

es el de mi amigo cuando eran pekes jeje feliz #caturday

Un voto al 100% pq de verdad que encontrar algo con X está dificil ajajajaja