Poetry: My Fluttering Heart.

in OCDlast year


Awoken by the sound of a closing door,
I feared I had just lost another one that I adored,
Another woman who had my hearts in her hands,
Another woman I was ready to do anything for.


We had just met at a friend's place,
From the moment I saw that face,
I felt at an instant my heartbeat race,
I felt the cold hands of heart break release its long felt embrace.


My new found love for her had just lit in my cold heart, a warm fireplace,
In no time at all, I made my move,
Even with the fear of disgrace,
I knew I couldn't let go in this case.


With a little chit-chat,
With a little talk, I found out she was worth the work,
Then I heard the door downstairs unlock,
Pulling me back to reality,
Then she walked in,
With just one explanation,
"I'm just coming back from work"

attention: cover image is a property of pixabay.com

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