Thoughts about DIRTY MONEY and an original Electro-Orchestral track

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I titled this track dirty money before the present pandemic but it's even more a propos now. It's been my theory for years that the powers that be won't let you have the freedom of paper cash, now it's all clear isn't? The paper carries viruses, so we have to remove and burn the infested paper money. Only digital will be the new norm and it's coming. That goes well with negative interest rates where you pay the bank to hold your money. Genius. You can't get out and are punished for saving.

Money is the root of all evil they said. But the truth is as follows:
The MEN that print the money, they are the root of all evil.
If you are on HIVE you are probably already ahead of the curve in the libertarian mindset. If you are not sure what the problem is with the paper currencies that we use, here is some reading for you.

You can start with the foundation of the Federal Reserve. In the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" the author G. Edward Griffin explains it's creation which was a covert take over by corporate bankers of the United States.

In the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" written by John Perkins you can learn how a mechanism of debt enslavement for foreign countries has been designed to take away resources, and gain control. Puppet regimes are put in place in countries that are not under the control of a Central Bank.

War and death brought to you by the dirty men behind, the dirty money...

This is part of my Electro-Orchestral work where I mix classic orchestra sounds with nasty alien noises.

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