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What does that mean "top 40 investor"? Just symbolic is not enough to me to understand what this is about and to make a statement. Somehow I have the feeling the post written and most comments are not honest.
You do not agree with everything they say or do but it's easier to forget their hostility and blame a new owner? The mess I see is not the result of his acts but the result of a group witnesses and ...

I wish someone gave me an objective answer and I had the guarantee loyalty is paid. For some reason I think many of the Steemians being here daily had it with the lies and tricks, the downvotes etc and this will not stop. As soon as the top is back the voters are backstabbed again. That makes me said.

Votes are not given to a person who likes us and gives us a hand but to blame someone for the mess we made out of this platform.

As soon I have normal access I will check my list again.
I wish you a great day. 💕


It only means I have 505859 SP and that is ranked #46 within all accounts which hold steem. Is this clear to you?

Yes it is now. Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I am not much into stats and do not even know how to find my own posts back.
I wish you a great day.💕