Questions regarding HIVE [need Help]

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Herro erryone!

There are a lot of exciting days ahead of us and a lot of crazy crazzzey days/years behind us. Without getting into everything what was and is happening, I just wanted to ask a few questions about HIVE, STEEM, and my wallet.

I do understand how airdrop will work but since I am not a guy who understands blockchain tech that much to know what can it bring in the future, I have some questions that will hopefully be answered by experienced honest Steemians (if you call yourself Steemian still) and that will help others who are confused like me :)

  • Should I keep my Steem powered up?

  • Should I make it liquid (Power down)?

  • Should I send my liquid Steem on some exchange to cash out (Which one)?

  • Should I buy Hive with my Steem?

  • Should I continue hodling Steem?


These are a few questions I want to be answered. They are kinda same but kinda not.

My view on this whole situation is to go where it will be (more) decentralized and where the community is.

I was in love with Steem until this happened and it shows in a way that I never powered down nor I never cashed out. I wanted to hodl and support the chain and the community by 'wasting' my time curating as it was more than my full-time job.

But now things are changed which doesn't mean I changed. I am still a hodler and a supporter and my intentions will remain the same. I just don't know what is the smartest move for me.

Can you help? :)

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


Yes i would like some people to reply as well.
Information does seem to be thin on he ground

Not everyone has the same views on this so I hope by asking these questions I will help others as well as myself. Let's see will we have some good answers here.

Without getting too technical, I only know maybe 10 people on the steem blockchain that I give a hoot about, and now that the vigilante-censorship-blacklist-brigade has abandoned steem, I hope we can engage in a free-er exchange of ideas. I don't see any harm in continuing on as if nothing has happened.

If something causes steem to become intolerable for some reason, or if my 10 "friends" abandon me for "the hive" then maybe I'll check it out.

I'm not concerned about "the market value" of steem. I just want a place where I can interact freely with interesting people who have different points of view (and where I don't have to worry about getting censored by hypocrites).

Censorship is officially LIVE on Steemit, not on HIVE.

This is not even a blockchain anymore, it's just like FB that uses blockchain technology. STEEM is dead :(

I never cared about the price, I never cashed out nor powered down but this time I will because it doesn't represent the value I care and I want to fight for.

Have fun when they remove downvotes and this turns into the biggest shit show and circle-jerking. I know I will :)

Peace yo.

Who's getting censored (on steem) now that the vigilantes have abandoned ship?

How is removing downvotes going to inevitably turn catastrophic?

DUDE, this is one of the examples.

How? People will just post shitposts (not even an original content) and circle jerk with their friends and make the whole blockchain and token invaluable because they do not understand that downvotes are the tool to fight plagiarism and spam.

People will just post shitposts (not even an original content) and circle jerk with their friends...

You mean like this, ?

Thanks for the censorship link, I wasn't aware of that (so basically we're trading Sun's opinion for Marky's).

did you notice that marky upvoted that post?

Yes. BTW I think he didn't have my witness vote even tho' he did a LOT for this blockchain and community.

and this turns into the biggest shit show and circle-jerking.

The biggest circle-jerkers were the "community leaders" upvoting their own (and their pal's) "low-effort" posts!!

The steemcleeners account was the most consistent Top-Earner!!

ok, now that those community leaders are gone, you will be free of circle jerking, spam and plagiarism.

Time will tell...

Yeah, they only allowed themselves and their pals to shit-post, spam, and circle-jerk.

That was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

Time will tell.

You will lose the only tool to fight plagiarism, spam and circle-jerking. What is your plan then? Is the plan to let that content be rewarded or there is a plan to stop that?

have you ever heard of A FREE-MARKET ECONOMY???

If you create a "community account" yes, on steemit, like this one,, then you can mute whatever you consider "spam" to your heart's content, without "blacklisting" or otherwise "vandalizing" the "offending" account.

Live and let live, indeed!


Ok, you mute those guys and they continue to post 10 times a day and circle-jerk each other 10 times a day.

They will make ton of Steem and devalue the token because they will not create any value. + all that happening on centralized platform is a NO-NO for a lot of people. That's one of the biggest reasons we are moving away from FB, Twitter and other centralized platforms.

Again, time will tell... Have fun here

Being a Neanderthal and not understanding how much of any of this works, I have the exact same questions.

Hopefully, we will catch the eye of somebody that can help us.

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