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I opened my eyes and realized that I fell asleep again. Diego was sitting on the bed next to me with a glass of water in his hands. He gave me a smile as he gave me the water glass and two aspirin.

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-Thank you. -I said taking short shots because of the knot that still lay in my throat from fear.

He looked at me impatiently and yet tenderly, as I drank the water he offered me.

-Who are you? -I frowned and followed quickly. -Why did you kidnap me?

He took the glass from my hands, placed it on one of the little tables beside the bed, and sighed. He had something in his eyes that made him tender and sweet, besides his manner, but contemplating the place where I was perhaps he too could be dangerous.

He ran his hands through his hair, dropping a lock of hair on his forehead.

-My name you know. -He paused. -And you're in my house because I'm not able to leave you alone and unprotected, Sophia. I didn't kidnap you, I just stopped them from hurting you anymore.

-You kidnapped me.

-Others had the same intention.

-It's still kidnapping.

-I'm protecting you from the danger to your life. -He just let go.

-And why is my life in danger? Well, besides the fact that now it turns out they want to marry me off to an animal.

-If I told you, you'd think I was crazy or playing a joke on you, but it's worse.

We looked each other straight in the eye for a moment, without talking. I could see a prayer in the back of his eyes, asking me to believe him, and something in me calmed down.

On the one hand, I would have to be an idiot to swallow the story that my life was in great danger. I hardly remembered what had happened, only the part about the kidnapping here and I was ashamed to ask the question.

My indecision was so great that he noted it and took the floor again.

-Trust me, I don't want to do you any harm. To get out of the problem I changed the subject and another question came immediately to my lips.

-Does my family know I'm here?

-Don't worry. -He says softly.

-And my parents?

-Calm down. -Ask.

-You're asking me to calm down when you kidnapped me, have me in your house on a sedative and no one knows where I am?

-Yes. -Do you want to go home right now?

I didn't answer.

-I don't specifically remember what happened before your men brought me in.

-You suffered a trauma, Sophia, it's normal that you don't remember much. -Explain.

-Can I at least move around in this place?

-Of course you can. -He smiled. -This place is at your disposal.

He held out his hand and gave me a little tour of the apartment, he was quietly alone.

I could locate the elevator, the kitchen, the bathrooms and other guest rooms, on the terrace there was a luxurious two-storey garden. Miniature waterfalls among the flowers, everything perfectly arranged and well cared for.

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-What kind of a kidnapper are you?

-What's with the question? -He scowled.

-What kind of a kidnapper fills his prisoner with luxury in a place like this?

-You're not a prisoner. -He smiled excitedly. -My escorts will keep an eye on you if you need anything or I am absent.

Absent? Do you intend to keep me here for long?

-Then I am a prisoner. -I confirmed.

-You're a guest. As for your length here, it's hard to say, it depends on many things. I still have to make sure that when you can or want to leave you're safe.

As I walked down the corridor he remarked that we were on the tenth floor, so the vague idea of running out of a window was completely ruled out. He turned to me and stroked my cheek, his touch frightened me, but I must admit that it felt very good.

-Trust me. Don't try to escape or communicate with anyone, if they find out where you are I can't imagine what they might do to you.

His eyes were saying more than a thousand words at once, he was serious, he was worried about what might happen to me and he didn't explain why if we are basically complete strangers.

-I have to go but I'll be back in the afternoon. -I nodded my head in agreement with his gaze and he left.

After a while, two men dressed in black appeared in the lobby. They looked uncomfortable, but they could not conceal their complicity in seeing me standing there in my wrinkled dress.

-This is the work of you two. -I said reluctantly, and the sight of Alhan's face relieved me, though it also worried me at one point.

-Miss Asher, there are clothes in your room for you to change and make yourself comfortable if you wish. Forgive our rudeness about last night, we were only following orders.

-And you're a little stubborn. -The boy next to you responded in a funny way.

I frowned at that, but as I turned a smile came to my lips.

-Can I ask you two questions? -I approached, determined to ask them with or without permission.

-Of course.

-What is your name? -I pointed to the boy.

I noticed the surprise in both of them and they smiled at the same time.

-He's Marcus. -He said and the boy next to him nodded. -He will be one of your escorts, the others are guarding the building.

-Well, it's a pleasure. Second question. Do you think I'm stupid?


-How come you used to work for me and now for Diego? -What's going on here?

-We're not the ones to clear up those questions for you. The only thing I can assure you is that none of us intends to do you any harm.

I was silent for a few moments watching you. Those two weren't going to give me any kind of answer so it was useless to keep asking them.

-Well, I suppose I can't escape from this place through the window, much less through the door. I have no choice.

-We know how difficult this must be for you to understand, but I assure you that when you know the truth you will appreciate what we do. If I were Diego, I would have done the same for you.

I blushed as I listened to Alhan's words and the confidence with which he spoke to me. I smiled at them and knew that after all, they weren't so bad.



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-I want control of the phone lines. -Order.

After I left Sofia at home, they had to make sure that at some point she could be completely safe outside and what had me so fucking uneasy was the same: Who was the man on the phone the night before? Who was he talking to? And what does Carlos have to do with it?

-We're connected, there's a call in progress.

-Silence. -I call.

1. -What do you mean, they took Sophia? -Where? Damn it!

2. -We don't know, I locked her in the room, I can't explain how she got out, she was unconscious.

3. -I specifically told him to leave Sophia alone, but he had to get drunk and fuck up the damn plan.

1. -I want her found.

3.—And how?

1.—Why didn't you think of that before you fucked it up?

2. -But...

1. -If Sophia's not dead in three months, we will be. You understand that?

3. Yes.

1. -Get her.

-I want you to secure the building, so that Sofia can't leave under any circumstances, much less let anyone in; and I want you to hire a squad to go to her parents, I know who it is and it's not someone you can talk to.

-What about Sofia's memory?

It's better that she thinks she just met me.

-She's more protected without memories than she is with what she's facing. Send a doctor, I need to know how bad the concussion is and if it can get worse.

-Where will you go? -I'm not sure.

I stood up and took my jacket off the seat.

-For answers. -I just answered.


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