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For me

When I got home the despair and anger took over completely, my blood was boiling and I couldn't stop myself from doing something about it.

I started to walk at a soldier's pace through the garden, through the kitchen, and my steps became stronger and firmer, I was easily able to hollow out the wood from the floor without any effort.

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The house was all alone, the bodyguards hadn't arrived yet and I assumed they would pick up my uncles at the airport.

Mary had disappeared as if by magic, the atmosphere was so nostalgic and cold that for a moment I only felt the need to do one thing, so I ran to her room and had no luck in finding her.

Had she left because of what I told her?

I held my hands to my head in desperation, I had mistrusted her when she simply didn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me things about that asshole.

But that's not the worst part, what made me angry was not understanding that conversation. Who is "He"? Simon? And why the fuck would he want me?


I kept looking all over the house and my luck didn't improve, until I saw it in the garden.

A great relief came over me and I almost ran to where she was, I didn't know what to say to her, whether to apologize or to agree with what she had said but I wanted to talk to her.

-I am sorry. -I let out a whisper of embarrassment from behind, she turned and smiled gently at me.

My legs quickly weakened and I fell to my knees, my intention was not to create or make a drama, I really felt helplessness, anger, and frustration for realizing that the only thing that gave me happiness among so much stress and problems had been a deception.

-Forgive me for not telling you, I was just afraid... Afraid you wouldn't want to believe me. -She said ashamedly, bending over in front of me.

-You said it, deluded and a child, in the end those words define me perfectly, Mary. -I confessed sitting on the grass and bringing my knees to my chest.

Mary did the same, as a sign of understanding, and her voice automatically became as comforting as sleep.

-I am sure that someone will come along who truly deserves her and above all who will protect you as you should. -She smiled.

And you know who wants to buy me too?

-I suppose so. -I just answered.

She nodded and I was glad she did not make the sudden decision to leave literally as I asked.

After that, I took my time to process what had happened and get over it in a certain way, but the truth is that it's easy to get over something that I had been dead hopeful about for a while.

I had vague hopes that my friendship with Mary would follow the same course as before, but even though things had turned out, the feeling that worse things were to come was evident.

-What are you supposed to be doing? -I asked, looking at her with a notebook in her hands.

-I'm preparing today's assignments. Her aunt and uncle called and apparently they're organizing an event tomorrow night to celebrate a new business, the gardeners and staff are coming.

-They also told me that a young man will come to see her and sign some papers that are in the office. -She exclaimed in disgust.

I automatically rolled my eyes. -Another one of those exaggerated events, a good reason to run away from home, it's okay Mary, I'll take care of whoever comes. -I said with intent to get into the house.

-Actually, they asked me to warn you that you should be present, miss. Obligatorily. -She said dubious. I turned with a confused gesture.

-They never want me to be in those things.

-It's orders. -I'm just letting you know. -She concluded as she walked into the kitchen.


At about four o'clock in the afternoon, the house was full of decorators and gardeners. My aunt's strange obsession with preparing everything in advance was a pain in the ass, even for those of us not involved in her parties.

The bad time over Andrew's was still raw, and I decided that I should take the night off to get rid of any stress that was about to build up in me.

Alhan had disappeared, it was not around six o'clock in the afternoon that I was able to find him; he entered the room with a manila envelope in his hands and an ear-to-ear smile, handed it to me and waited standing by the door for me to open it.

I stared at it while several questions were being asked in my subconscious regarding the contents of the envelope, the pulse began to fail me and a huge nervousness became present in my jaw.

I opened it, and although I could not see myself I knew that my countenance had completely paled. I visualized the three photos one by one terrified and at the same time wanting to vomit: A photograph of Andres lying on the road in an alley, another with bruises on his face and blood everywhere, and a last photo of a message written with white chalk on the bricks of the wall.

"For you, Sofia"

I shouted from the print and threw the envelope on the floor, I didn't know what to feel as I looked at the photos, I was partly happy that he got what he deserved but I was killed by the idea that he had been hurt.

Holy crap.

-You did this? -I asked in astonishment, my voice was shaking more than my pulse.

-No, miss. These photos were sent to the command center, they were addressed to you. -He cleared his throat. -We wanted you to corroborate them personally, we didn't know if they were personal and we weren't aware of it, we inspected the envelope and it looked harmless. -He paused and picked up the envelope looking at one of the pictures. -He paused and picked up the envelope and looked at one of the pictures. 'This is serious, it would have been better to let me know if you were going to send someone to do something to him, Miss, this is usually very reciprocal and not just in the films.

Well, I certainly thought about it, but someone beat me to it.

-I didn't have anything to do with this, even if I wanted to... Is he okay?

And why do I care what happens to that idiot?

-I'll know in a second. -I'll be right back. -He said taking his cell phone out of his suit.

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I took a deep breath for a few minutes trying to assess the situation without going crazy, not even in a million years did I think that this kind of thing would happen to me, let alone on the same day.

I felt my body starting to heat up from the stress quickly, I was getting overwhelmed by the thinking and if I didn't pass out it was because of the vague reflection of Alhan coming towards me.

-He's fine, apparently one of the women in the building saw the body and called an ambulance, he was admitted to the state hospital and according to the report it was only superficial wounds, a sort of warning.


-It's very normal, Miss, they just paid someone to beat him up and that's it, I assure you that the boy will never look for you again. -She smiled at the end of the sentence.

I looked at him seriously for a moment until he realized how serious the situation was, I looked at the house and if I felt strange before being alone, it was worse at that moment with so many things at once.

-Where are the other security people? -My tone was dry and firm at the same time.

-Researching the sender, miss.

How many men does it take to do that?

-All of them?

-There are two escorts at the entrance to the house and I'll be doing some field work around the grounds, if you like. -He said.

-I want to press charges against him. -I said cleanly and saw his eyes open from the shock. -I need you to fix that at the DA's office today.

-What kind of complaint? -Did he abuse you? -He asked with annoyance.

-Harassment. -He nodded. -I need a lawyer and information about the sender as soon as possible. -I'm sorry.

-We're on it, miss.

-Well, in the evening I may be planning to go out, you can take the rest of the afternoon, until then I need you on your toes, I literally don't know what all this can turn into. -The fear in my voice was evident.

-With your permission. -He nodded and shuffled off into the garden.

The doorbell rang and I jumped with fright, I held my hand to my chest and forced myself mentally to calm my nerves but it was almost impossible, Mary ran to the entrance of the house and I could not help remembering those horrible images of Andrew, bruises and purple all over his face and ribs, as if he had been kicked to a reasonable end. And the end was me? "For you, Sophia.

There was no way that could be a threat to me, no one but Mary and the driver knew about my relationship with Andrew and I, as much as I wanted to give him his due, would not be capable of such a thing, I think.

-Miss, there's a young man outside looking for you, it must be the boy your uncles mentioned. -Mary caught my attention with the ad.

My desire to see anyone was null, however, when you are the toy of the family, your duty is to act as such.

I rushed to the big fences at the entrance and visualized a matte black camaro parked in front, I didn't recognize it.

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A sturdy boy with golden skin, long blond hair, came out of the pilot's seat and slammed the door.

He was like a major league baseball player, in jeans, a white polo shirt and dress shoes; he looked like a troll, but not from the comic book, he looked specifically like the troll from the first Harry Potter movie.

-So you're Sofia. -She said with a slight hint of mockery, running her hand through her hair.

His voice was thick and raspy, like a radio announcer's voice, intimidating but at the same time charismatic.

-Who are you? -I asked cautiously.

-How come you don't know who I am?

I don't know what face I put on when I heard it, but I imagine it was not at all friendly, because I could quickly sense his regret about asking that question.

-Carlos Olsen, your uncles sent me. I just arrived in the country with my father and there are some papers missing to be signed here.

-He explained casually.

-My uncles are coming in a few hours. -Why don't you come back tomorrow?

He hesitated to answer.

-My father needs those papers so that he can travel tomorrow. -He explained.

I doubted for a second whether it was right to let him in, but the thought that I might get killed if I didn't, forced me to give him up.

-All right, you can go in.

The gates opened and he came closer, depositing a noisy kiss on my cheek.

I was stunned and disconcerted. Automatically that man became for me a complete filthy and daring. I know you don't judge people the first time you meet them, but please, so you don't show up with a girl.

-It's nice to finally meet you, nice place. -He commented by walking across the lawn to the house.

Ah, perfect, and he' s cynical too.

-Nice to meet you. -I pointed out the way to the room where Mary was already waiting firmly with a tray in her hands.

-Can I offer you something? -She asked in her singing Cinderella tone.

-If you have any whisky it would be wonderful. -He winked at her as she slipped into the kitchen corridor.

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The tension in the place increased, I just wanted to be alone and now I had to deal with another being who is likely to turn out to be a lout.

I went into my aunt and uncle's office, located the documents on the dark oak desk, and went out into the living room to deliver them.

-Did I come at a bad time? -He asked with a scowl and took the manila folder from my hands.

Yes, actually, but how do I tell you that you're being a fucking pain in the ass in my day, even though I don't know you?

-I'm a little stressed out, actually, I was pretending to be alone today. -I confessed to looking at him sideways.

-I'm sorry to be inopportune, I just came to have a look at my new acquisition. -He stared at me, and I noticed the glowing hazelnut colour in his eyes, and he held up his papers to make it clear what he was talking about. -Oh, and to make you an invitation, of course.

-An invitation to where? And to what? -My tone sounded a bit rude after I said that.

He read the documents over and frowned, looked at me with the same gesture and turned his gaze to the papers.

He bit his lip and closed the folder.

-I'll take these documents with me so I can read them better, and I'll schedule a conference with your uncle later, there are clauses I wasn't aware of. -He snorted and stared at me again. -He didn't mention that you are incredibly beautiful, and that disconcerts me a bit.

Something in his gaze was both seductive and evil, as if he were an extremely dangerous person or just a man capable of making your underwear descend by itself.

-I will let him know that he must communicate with you. -I nodded indifferently.

-In a hurry, please. -He sighed halfheartedly and looked at my bare feet.

What's he looking at?

-What invitation? -I asked, returning to the intriguing subject of a moment ago.

-Nothing out of the ordinary, I imagine that like me you must feel somewhat trapped here. -He leaned back on the big grey couch, as comfortable as if he were convinced of the answer he would get when the request was finished. -I would like to meet you, and I would like to invite you to a party tonight. -He bit his lip and scanned my legs rudely.

Anyone in their right mind would say no to: One, a complete stranger; two, a bold centrist ego; and three, a future walking problem, but what came out of my mouth was:

-I accept.

-Perfect, I'll pick you up at eight, though if your uncles arrive before then please let me know. -Maria appeared with a small glass loaded with whisky, he grabbed it from the tray and drank it on a white background, grimacing as he concluded. -It's the good stuff. -He said. -It was a pleasure to see you, Sofia.

-I intend to say the same thing.


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