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It was ten to eight. Carlos had gotten tickets to one of the famous "Parties of the Year" obviously sponsored by wealthy people at a fancy club in the city called "Artemis"

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The parties in Artemis were considered the most exclusive and extravagant that could exist, since the club itself was located at the top of one of the central skyscrapers of the city.

He had about two hours in the house, my uncles had finally arrived and before leaving they had a brief meeting in the office.

I was consumed with intrigue, to be honest.

Who was he? And why his sudden interest in meeting me?

He seemed to be just an heir probably with too much power to be the face of his family's business, I think.

I assumed that the large investments my uncles were about to award were linked to Carlos' family or more directly to him, being the heir to them.

And yes, of course I wasn't going to be left wondering which asshole I had agreed to go out with.

He was the eldest son of a famous German politician, he had not grown up in the country or nearby, in fact, all his childhood had been spent studying and working with his father in his native country.

His mother, due to marital problems, remained a resident of the city since the links and the central anchor of the business of that overwhelming family were due to the dirty and shameless business of that woman.

I hope I made myself clear.

Think about it some more, with a double entendre.


That night I decided to wear a pink striped dress that went a little higher than my knees. I completely straightened my hair and left it loose accompanied by a little moderate makeup with a few layers of mask and blush.

I took my bag and heard the bell ring, Alhan my driver and now appointed back guard had arrived and that gave me great relief.

On more than two occasions I rejected the fact that someone was following me everywhere, even though I belonged to that family, I did not want to feel the discomfort of the protection I was obliged to have.

Or end up like my cousin, fucking hers every day with the excuse of "Protecting her feelings".

You asshole.

Carlos wore a pair of jeans, a white cotton flannel and dress shoes, had his hair perfectly combed back and a triumphant smile.

He took the time to inspect me with all the impudence in the world, detailing every tiny thing in my attire and I'm sure he also had a chance to undress me with his eyes, the very unhappy one.

You could tell he was an irritating person, we had only linked a few words all day, but he acted as if money had gone to his head and he thought he could control the world; it was normal for that kind of person, however, any hope or thought about giving him a chance like my uncles wanted was lost.

His presence became overwhelming, stressful, and at the same time irritating, all at once in less than twenty-four hours. All he talked about was his millions, his business and his travels.

-You look beautiful. -He said, biting his lip as he had done before, and I couldn't help but feel disgusted by how disrespectful he was behaving.

Like all good rich people, Carlos had a late-model black SUV, I wasn't surprised, he even had money to buy another identical truck if that one got a flat tire.

Behind the SUV was a smaller car, a Ford fiesta car with smoked glass.

-They're my bodyguards. -He said and I frowned.

-What do you need a bodyguard for at a party? -I don't know.

-They won't be at the party, they'll just secure the perimeter and go home. My father has been receiving threats lately, and I have an obligation to take them out often.

-Good. -I just responded.

-You can tell your escort to take the night off. -He hinted.

And be alone with you? Ha!

-He'll go, I need him with me. -Carlos pursed his lips and gave Alhan a cold look. -That's the last thing I'll say. -I concluded.

When we arrived at the club, I inspected the whole place and the luxury was evident; the establishment had no roof and was in one of the highest and most remote hills of the city.

There were glass tables attached to the concrete with huge light arrangements, big lights in the corners and a big bar in the middle of the place with a view of the whole city, the skyscrapers and the moonlit highway looked spectacular.

The place was full of people dancing and drinking, both at the tables and at the bar. Carlos ignored my presence and went directly to where his friends were, while I was focused on identifying familiar faces, until I visualized Andrew at one of the tables in the background.


A slight anger took hold of me when I saw the girl from the parking lot on her legs and with her arms around her shoulders.

What was he doing there? Of all places in the world!

The bruises on his face were still fresh and unhealed, he looked awful, but only an imbecile of that caliber would be at a party with a bitch in that state.

At least he had good taste in whores, the girl was beautiful, but somewhat uncovered. She had too much makeup under her long red hair and on her attire, I don't even know if she had any clothes on and if she did, they were too see-through.

Andrew's impression was a poem, his gaze and mine met, his eyes opened like plates when he saw me standing at the entrance of the club. A shudder of triumph ran through my body and I raised my face as a sign of war.

Carlos was so focused on talking to his friends that I felt like the lady in waiting, I wanted to dance so badly and I felt so stupid watching Andrew as he ate the bitch in between.

I didn't want to look stupid at the table and even if he wanted to, I wouldn't let him.

I walked over to the bar and ordered two shots of tequila and a slice of lime to try and relieve the tension, I was up to my head in this, my family and Carlos' family had become partners through an international agreement.

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Interestingly, the event my uncles were planning was in honor of our family and theirs, all for money and I was aware that on several occasions Carlos was making advances to my uncles regarding having some right over me, as I was not their daughter they were not uncomfortable selling me in some way, in their opinion that "benefited" me.

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The Bartender gave me a smile and filled the little glasses in front of me, then he did the same with the boy next door, this boy was looking for my point of view, he noticed the war of looks I had with Andrew and then he smiled for me.

-He still doesn't know. -He exclaimed with irony, and my attention was focused entirely on him.

That voice was probably the thickest, most exciting voice I've ever heard in my life, and it came from a person who didn't seem to physically belong to him.

-Excuse me? -I frowned.

-Your boyfriend just gave me a chance to win you over. -He pointed with laughter at the bastard I once called a boyfriend.

-He's not my boyfriend, he's an idiot. -I said I shot my first drink. -I'm sorry. I looked at Andrew on the other side.

-There are two idiots, actually.

I don't usually drink, in fact, the smell of alcohol made me slightly nauseous, but I needed it.

The strong liquid ran down my throat and I pressed my eyes trying to pass all the taste, reminding me why I was doing it.

-None of those jerks are with you, and from what I see, it's not like they deserve it either. -I turned to where Carlos and his friends were laughing and screaming like savages.

I barely sighed.

-I'm stuck. -I took a second swallow in my mouth and it made me feel relieved.

God! It was working.

-I think it's kind of stupid. -I saw him drink from his white glass without taking his eyes off me, and he took the two small empty containers in front of me and handed them to the bartender, telling him to bring water with ice.

-What? -I asked, ignoring the other thing.

-That someone could leave such a beautiful girl alone, he must be a complete idiot. -He grimaced and I couldn't help but smile halfway through. - But I assure you, I don't pretend to be one. May I? -He held out his hand to me and I hesitated to accept, it would be very strange to come with one idiot and dance with another, although I didn't know if this one was.

-I don't know if it's the right thing to do. -I said biting my lip.

He stood up and put out his hand again with insistence. I didn't think about it anymore and accepted. He interlaced our hands and an electricity ran through my arm, in a good way, as if I were relieved to make that decision.

He led me to the floor and the crowd danced to the music.

I wrapped my arms around his neck while he took my waist and we started imitating each other's movements. It wasn't that bad, I was actually having fun.

I looked over my shoulder and tried to visualize Andrew again, but this time there was no one at that table.

I denied myself and set out to enjoy the moment, there was nothing else to do, continuing to obsess over Andrew was stupid even for me.

-Diego! -The boy shouted as the music changed.

-Ah? -I asked confusedly.

-My name is Diego. -He gave me a perfect smile, like those that catch on, so I gave it back to him.

-Sofia. -I shouted about the music.

-Thanks for showing up out of the blue, I was getting bored out there by myself. -He grimaced, then he put his head down smiling.

I was mesmerized by those jet-black gems between the long eyelashes that scrutinized me with some fun, but the desire only drove me to look beyond.

I brazenly made a detailed tour of his attractiveness, starting with his dark hair that was soft and silky; at that moment I felt an uncontrollable desire to wrap my fingers around him and caress him, imagining at the same time what it would be like to kiss his red lips to find that penetrating look at the end.

I heard a throat-clearing sound and was forced to leave my thoughts; the perfect specimen next to me had the funny yet confused expression, while I could not be more blushing and embarrassed.

-And why were you alone?

-I was stood up. -He pouted, and I couldn't help smiling for such tenderness.

Who in their right mind would stand this man up?

-Are you from here? -He asked.

-Yes, you're not, are you?

-I'm from the north. -I said with annoyance.

-You don't look like you're from the North. -He frowned amusedly.

-Not at all? I just moved here a year ago. -I clarified.

-I wish we could meet again. -He says with an ear-to-ear smile.

-Thanks for dancing with me and not leaving me stranded like the idiot who brought me here.

-Thanks to you. -He took my hand and placed a soft kiss on the back.

I was struck by the chivalry and tenderness of that moment.

The song ended and a wave of shouts flooded the place, forcing us to extend the little distance between us.

On the other hand Carlos had his eyes on me and Diego, he was furious, probably because I left him alone.

-I think I'm in trouble. -I said good-bye to Diego. -It was nice to meet you. -I dared to kiss his cheek, knowing it would make him angrier.

I walked over to the table where Carlos was waiting furiously and wanting to reproach me even more, the advantage being that he wasn't the one to do it.

-Who is it? -He asked in a low voice.

-Someone who didn't make a fool of me at the table. -His gaze slackened as he came to his senses.

-Calm down, I'm not your obligation, I don't even know you. -I let go and headed for the toilets.

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The women's bathroom was locked, I walked curiously to the men's bathroom that was ajar and knocked on the door, no one was there so I went in, visualized the first cubicle alone and locked myself in. I wanted to breathe for a while, I felt uncomfortable being in this place with Carlos, all that sudden interest in me just for convenience.

A strange noise took me out of the absurd argument I was in, some banging and whining could be heard inside the bathroom. I sharpened my ear and went out to investigate.

In the last cubicle the door was ajar, it was the handicapped cubicle so it was the largest and easiest to visualize. A man was standing with his back against the wall and what looked like legs around his waist.


I slowly backed up in an attempt not to cause any kind of disruption, but as I walked backwards I hit the open door of the cubicle where I was previously.

I froze and saw a familiar face peeking out of the door of the other cubicle, Andrew saw me in panic and confusion at the same time, I opened my mouth to say something, but just kept walking backwards until I got out of the bathroom.


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