Reverse Sunrise Evening Colors 📷

in Paramotorlast year

Some more wonderful photos from the sky, on this evening flight, where I got to see the sun going down, but revealing under the clouds and casting its rays and shadows across the ground below me.

Kind of like a reverse sunrise, very cool.

The sun casting rays on the ground a thousand feet below.

Here's the flying machine, with the awesome sunset behind.

I just love it when there spring time ponds and lakes to reflect the sunshine.

The camera doesn't quite capture all the colors, but this one shows the dynamic amazing view pretty well!

And again, allt he lakes and ponds. Perfect!

Still was some snow on this flight a few weeks ago, but its all melted now.

Old buildings in the fields

Coming in home over the neighbors ponds, getting ready to land.

Hope you liked the scenery, as much as I do!